A Lot Of People That Know CM Punk Reportedly Saying He Will Never Wrestle Again

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CM Punk is undoubtedly one of the most divisive men in wrestling today. Ever since the altercation following All Out, it seems as if most in AEW have soured on the straight edge superstar. There have been reports stating that many of the roster would not work with Punk should he return and it appears more and more unlikely that will we see the Chicago-born star back in an AEW ring.

Punk is a favourite among many fans and, after making his return to wrestling in 2021, a lot of people would be disappointed to see him bow out of the industry after just over a year. But, it looks as if CM Punk is in no rush to step back inside the squared circle. Nick Hausman when joining Wrestling Observer Radio has stated that, while many fans will want to see Punk back, he has many other interests to keep him busy if he chooses to not come back.

“Cash does not seem to be an issue for this guy. He’s got in-roads in Hollywood going on right now. Stephen Amell certainly shining him up with what they’re trying to do over on Heels right now. I have a lot of people that have known Punk that say to me ‘This guy’s never gonna wrestle again’.”

– Nick Hausman

The drama involving Punk and the Elite appears to be coming to an end. It has been dragged out for around two months but it seems as if the Elite will be back on TV soon with Punk pursuing other projects.

H/T WrestleTalk for the full transcription.

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