Adam Cole On Reuniting With The Young Bucks: ‘It Felt Like I Never Left’

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Before signing with WWE, Adam Cole spent a lot of time working with The Young Bucks. They travelled the indies and captivated fans with their popular vlog on YouTube ‘Being the Elite’. This grew their reputation among wrestling fans, but when Cole signed with WWE / NXT in 2017, the star had to be written off of the video series with a comical on screen death. This took Cole away from the series and The Young Bucks as they went their separate ways.

While away from the Bucks, Cole was able to dominate NXT. He became a huge star in the black and gold brand, while his friends The Young Bucks played a huge part in the formation of All Elite Wrestling. When Cole’s WWE contract unexpectedly ended in the summer of 2021, he made his surprising switch to AEW at the ‘All Out’ PPV that September. Cole has recently sat down with Stephanie Chase to explain his experiences reuniting with his old friends after 4 years away.

“We all joked about it the first couple weeks, but it was insane how easy it was. It was like I never left. Our humor and timing was still the exact same on BTE, in the ring, when we teamed together, there was never that readjustment phase, which you always kind of expect because I was gone for almost five years. I hadn’t been in the ring with them whatsoever for quite some time. But again I’ve always stayed close with the Bucks. Even my entire run in WWE, we always talked, we always stayed in touch. If they were in town or I was in town, we would eat some food and catch up and stuff like that. So the relationship never went away, which was great, and that definitely helps, I think. But yeah as far as in the ring and on BTE and stuff, it’s crazy but there was literally no adjustment needed. It was just going right back to what we were doing. I feel like me and those guys have such incredible chemistry, and those guys feel the exact same way.”

-Adam Cole.

Though, he did touch on his time in NXT. He acknowledges how he may have improved there and had very kind words for the brand where he held the top championship.

“I cherished my time in NXT and I would not change a thing about the way that my career has gone. I think in a lot of ways, my time in NXT made me a better performer. It put me in a position where I got to learn under guys that I idolized. Like Triple H was a guy that I really looked up to and I formed a great relationship with him, and he helped me a lot. Shawn Michaels is my favorite wrestler of all time, and in my opinion just the greatest ever. We still have a wonderful relationship. We still keep in touch and we still talk and stuff like that. And he helped me more than anybody. He was just so so helpful on so many different levels. So definitely do not regret at all my time in NXT. I loved my time there. The roster at the time was just unbelievable as well. So yeah honest to god, I really wouldn’t change anything about the pattern in which my career has gone.”

-Adam Cole.

Cole is a mainstay in AEW and is constantly in the main event. There is still a lot more he will achieve in the company and this is likely to excite fans.

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