Adam Cole Was Obsessed With and Studied CM Punks Promos

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It appears another one of CM Punk’s co-workers is a huge fan of his.

CM Punk has now been back in professional wrestling for just over half a year now, and many of his fellow wrestlers in AEW have spoke very highly about having the chance to be able to work with him.

Adam Cole is no different. Cole recently spoke with TalkSport about meeting and learning from names like CM Punk:

“CM Punk, he is top three or four most influential professional wrestlers to me. As far how I think about wrestling, what I want to focus on and what I want to get good at.”

“I remember seeing a promo of his for the first time, it was against Raven in Ring of Honor and being like so captivated by his talking ability to where I obsessed on it and I studied it like crazy. He knows that, too. “

– Adam Cole

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