Additional Details On The Suspension Of AEW’s Sammy Guevara

Sammy Guevara Jeff Hardy

Sammy Guevara has been suspended by AEW’s disciplinary committee.

On February 14 during a taping for AEW Rampage, Guevara would hit a shooting star press on his opponent for the night, Jeff Hardy, as Sammy’s knees came down on Hardy’s head, breaking his nose in the process.

More information has emerged in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, with AEW’s ringside doctor having reportedly informed Sammy to finish the match as soon as possible due to the risk of Jeff being concussed. Guevara instead continued on with the match and pinned Jeff after hitting his GTH finish, although versions of how these events played out differ depending on who you ask.

“Sammy Guevara was suspended by the discipline committee. This came from the 2/14 match with Jeff Hardy. Guevara used a shooing star press and his knee hit Hardy in the head. It looked really bad. Matt Hardy publicly and others privately said that Jeff didn’t get a concussion, but did get a broken nose. Apparently Doc Sampson came out to check on Hardy and because at the time there was fear of a concussion, Guevara was told to go right to the finish. Instead, he continued the match and ended up using his GTH finisher, which ends with a knee to the head. The feeling was that if there was concern about a concussion that he should have ended it right away, and also not done the GTH. And that’s a correct ruling. There was another version of the story that defended Guevara stating it was a miscommunication between the parties.”


No additional information has been revealed as to the length of Guevara’s suspension. Sammy Guevara was last active on the February 24 episode of AEW Collison, where he faced off against Powerhouse Hobbs in a losing effort in a no-disqualification match.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Sammy Guevara’s suspension as soon as we hear more.

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