AEW Collision Debut Reportedly Expected To Host CM Punk’s Return & The Return Or Debut Of Another Major Star

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For months, it’s been reported that All Elite Wrestling are setting up the debut of a new addition to their weekly schedule: AEW Collision on a Saturday night. There have been rumours of a brand split of some sort between Dynamite each Wednesday and the new show on a Saturday, though, this is yet to be fully confirmed.

It appears that Collision will have its debut show on June 17 in the United Center in Chicago, which lends itself well to the AEW return of CM Punk. Now, to provide more information on the first instalment of AEW’s Saturday event, Dave Meltzer has written in the Wrestling Observer that, on top of Punk’s potential return, the company are also looking into facilitating the return or even debut of another top star.

“The show, believed to be called AEW Collision, as noted last week, is expected to debut on 6/17 with a show from 8-10 p.m. Eastern, from the United Center in Chicago, which would also be the return of C.M. Punk along with what is expected to be either another major name debut or return”


As of writing, it’s unclear who is being referred to when discussing a big return or debut for AEW on June 17, though, it does indicate that the company are looking to pull out all the stops for their new weekly show.

As always, we’ll aim to update you on AEW Collision and plans for its debut as we hear more.

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