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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. The Continental Classic is in it’s final stages! Swerve Strickland faces Rush with big implications on the semi finals. Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal face each other in a battle of pride as both wrestlers are winless in the competition. Jon Moxley faces Jay White in a big-time main event. Aside from the tournament matches, Riho goes against Saraya, and Roderick Strong is in action on Dynamite for the second week in a row, this time against Komander.

Swerve Strickland defeats Rush

As great as Strickland’s heel work has been in the past few months, his popularity has gotten him to the point where he is the babyface by default in a match like this. For a large portion of the match, Rush dominated the offense, with Strickland fighting from underneath. The match went to third gear after Strickland moved out of the way of senton, and hit a 450-splash, only for Rush to kick out at one. However, not long after, a Swerve Stomp was enough to win the match and a place in the semi-finals.

Continental Classic Blue League Promo Package

On Collision, the CC is set for a thunderous final week before the semi-finals. Bryan Danielson faces off against stable-mate Claudio Castagnoli, Eddie Kingston faces Andrade El Idolo and Brody King faces off against Daniel Garcia.

Chris Jericho Backstage Promo

Jericho announced that Kenny Omega is out indefinitely due to diverticulitis. The status of the AEW tag team title match at Worlds End is up in the air, that match could be cancelled or will Jericho find another partner?

Mark Briscoe defeats Jay Lethal

These two wrestlers are no strangers to each other, with their last singles match taking place in tribute to the great Jay Briscoe. Both wrestlers came into this match on zero points, a win would mean avoiding last place in the gold league. Similar to a relegation six-pointer for world football fans, this match was full of excitement. The hot crowd also added another dimension to the match. In the final stretches, Lethal hit a top-rope elbow but Briscoe kicked out.

Briscoe gained the momentum and hit a froggy-bow that was countered by Lethal. Lethal failed to take the advantage after that and had the Lethal Injection countered for the third time in the match. Briscoe was able to shift the tide and get the victory to get on the board.

MJF Inducted into Jewish Sports Hall of Fame Video Package

AEW World Champion MJF was inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, he spoke about the achievement in the video package while highlights from the ceremony were shown.

Wardlow Vignette

Wardlow once again speaks about MJF’s demise. Wardlow promises to bring the devil to his knees.

MJF & Samoa Joe In-Ring Promo

Samoa Joe made his way to the ring and began to insinuate that MJF is the man in the devil mask. Every victim of these attacks is shown getting attacked by the masked men, but MJF was shown laid out in the back with nobody attacking him. MJF came out to beat the allegations. He turned the blame onto Joe, as Joe wasn’t attacked by the masked men a few weeks ago. MJF pushed Joe which was going to trigger a brawl before many masked men entered the ring and were dispatched the by the pair. The screen then went black, and a challenge was laid out for the ROH Tag titles. Samoa Joe accepted the challenge as he’ll once again help MJF defend those titles.

Best Friends Backstage Interview

Renee Paquette asked Rocky Romero what is next for him. Romero wants gold around his waist, which prompted Orange Cassidy to challenge Romero with the International title on the line on Rampage.

Riho defeats Saraya

The match was announced as a number one contendership match with the winner slated to face Toni Storm for the Women’s title at Worlds End. The match was standard and there was not much to write home about, the real highlight was Toni Storm on commentary. Ruby Soho was also in the back watching along. Riho secured the victory and is now set to face Storm at Worlds End.

After the match Storm entered the ring and began to provoke Riho before Riho went for the attack. However, Mariah May came for the save. Storm acted like she didn’t know May as she ran out of the ring and continued her bit.

Tony Schiavone Reads Christian Cage’s Prepared Statement

Christian Cage in his statement, announced that he will appear on Collision, this Saturday to answer Adam Copeland’s challenge to a no-disqualification match at Worlds End.

MJF & Swerve Strickland Backstage Segment

MJF talked down to Samoa Joe backstage before walking away. The champion found a black mask on the floor right next to the Mogul Embassy locker room. MJF knocked on the door and began to threaten Prince Nana before Strickland came out. MJF accused Strickland of being the devil because of his history with Adam Page.

The history between MJF and Strickland was brought up and the two wrestlers began to take verbal jabs at each other. Joe came back into frame before anything could get physical. Over the past few weeks, MJF confronting some of the top starts in the company has made for intriguing television.

Roderick Strong defeats Komander

Strong has a strong showing against Komander and gets a victory under his belt after his loss to Adam Page last week. The End of Heartache that Strong pulled off on Komander was one for the highlight reel. After the match, the Kingdom began to pass papers in the front row reading “MJF is the devil”. Renee Paquette interviewed Strong after the match, Strong warned Joe that MJF is the devil and that he needs to be careful.

Jay White defeats Jon Moxley

Jim Ross makes his return in Oklahoma and joins commentary. Moxley immediately started all guns blazing. Moxley tried to end it early with a sleeper and a pile driver. Moxley’s sense of urgency was a bit strange as he was guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals, a loss would mean that the semi-final would be a three-way with Swerve added to the mix. Instead, it should’ve been White with the sense of urgency as a loss means elimination.

Nonetheless, Moxley hurt his knee early which quickly became the theme of the match. Jay White brought two chairs into the equation and tricked Bryce Remsburg into clearing one of the chairs out of the ring while White attacked Mox’s knee with the other chair. However, Mox answered the count and reversed a Blade Runner into a Paradigm Shift, but a delayed cover gave White the chance to kick out.

The match continued on as just as the fifteen-minute mark passed, a Paradigm Shift was reversed into a Blade Runner which gave White the victory and a spot in the semi-finals. The semi-finals of the gold league will be Jon Moxley vs Jay White vs Swerve Strickland as all three are tied on points with victories over each other. Strickland came out to end the show to scope his opponents for next weeks big match.

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