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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. Dynamite is on quite the streak so far in the new year and it’s set to continue it’s current trajectory as AEW World Champion Samoa Joe is defending his title against HOOK in the main event. The TNT title will also be up for grabs as Christian Cage will be facing fellow veteran Dustin Rhodes. The title matches don’t stop there as ROH 6-man titles are on the line as The Gates of Agony & Brian Cage defend against Bullet Club Gold. Deonna Purrazzo is also in action against Anna Jay.

Samoa Joe & HOOK Video Package

The show started with a hype package for the main event. Both Joe and HOOK looked like stars in the process as footage of both competitors entering the arena was shown on screen. This was a good way to bring more excitement to the main event match.

TNT Championship: Christian Cage defeats Dustin Rhodes

Despite their age, both of these guys are total pros. Rhodes was fighting from underneath from the get-go, with Cage controlling much of the offense. Rhodes’ fortunes began to change after he dodged a diving head-butt from Cage. Rhodes gained some control of the match and set up Cage for a natural kick but Cage was able to dodge it. Later Rhodes got a very close near-fall which caused Killswitch and Nick Wayne to get involved. These distractions bought Cage some time, a spear and killsiwtch followed but Rhodes kicked out valiantly! Cage had to hit a second killswitch to get the victory on a stubborn Dustin Rhodes.

Swerve Strickland Backstage Interview

Strickland was asked about the World Title match later in the night, he stated that he has his eyes everywhere and he’s laser focused. Strickland also mentioned that Hangman Page is in excellent form but he still can’t beat Swerve.

Chris Jericho Backstage Interview

Jericho was asked about getting screwed out of the tag titles at Battle of the Belts last Saturday. Jericho called out Takeshita and Hobbs before he was interrupted by Matt Sydal. Sydal offered to have a match with Jericho, which Jericho accepted for Rampage on Friday.

Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta defeat Penta El Zero Miedo & Komander

Rey Fenix is back as he accompanied Penta and Komander to the ring. Noted on commentary, this is the first time Cassidy and Beretta team up together in AEW, interestingly. This match was all out action with all four competitors showing what they got. Cassidy was fiery, stepping in to save Beretta multiple times. Cassidy and Beretta ended up getting the victory.

After the match, the Best Friends were getting ready for their hug but they were interrupted by Roderick Strong and the Kingdom. Roderick Strong made it known to Cassidy that he has his sights set on the International title. Strong questioned that Cassidy doesn’t have much left in the tank as the champion. Cassidy offered to fight Strong at that very moment but Strong challenged him at Revolution instead.

Adam Page Backstage Interview

Page, looking more and more like Magnum T.A, let Paquette know that he is hellbent on becoming the World Champion again. Page alluded to the fact that he is living rent free in Swerve’s head and that it doesn’t matter that he can’t beat him since Strickland is not the AEW champion.

Mark Briscoe Segment

Mark Briscoe discussed his brother Jay’s passing which took place a year to the day. Briscoe was quite emotional as he talked about his tag team partner. Briscoe mentioned that Jay died in a car accident with his daughters in the car, who were told they wouldn’t walk again. Jay Briscoe’s family then walked out and the whole family rejoiced. A video package then played honoring Jay Briscoe, a bonafide legend in the industry!

The Young Bucks Interview

Early in the intterivew, Nick Jackson requested that they be called by their god-given names, Nicholas and Matthew Jackson. Matthew spoke about the backstage rumors and how he would do anything to protect his baby, in this case his baby being AEW. He then spoke about Sting and what Sting represents. Sting is apart of a dying breed and that they need to put him down because they vowed to “change the world” when they created this company. When asked if this was a formal call-out, Nicholas mentioned that as EVPs, they’ll pull some strings. We’re in the Corporate Bucks era!

ROH 6-Man Titles: Bullet Club Gold defeats Brian Cage & The Gates of Agony

Both teams are heel factions which created a very weird dynamic in the match. The match was well worked as The Mogul Embassy were hitting the big power moves with the Gunns doing a great job of selling. Colten Gunn had a hot tag in the match that got the crowd excited. The match really picked up after that with some good near falls. Prince Nana inserted himself in the match as he was about to attack White with one of the belts, however Anthony Bowens interfered to help out Bullet Club Gold. White then hit the bladerunner for the win. The Acclaimed and Billy Gunn were at the top of the ramp looking on as Bowens’ help contributed to the Bullet Club Gold victory.

Adam Cole & Wardlow Backstage Segment

Cole talked up his new stable-mate and promised that he will be the most dominant wrestler in the history of the company. Wardlow didn’t say anything, only adding a “boom” after Cole finished talking.

Deonna Purrazzo defeats Anna Jay

The match was ok but served as another exhibition for Purrazzo who is now 2-0 in AEW. Toni Storm was on commentary and hilariously thought Ian Riccaboni was Tony Schiavone the whole time. After the match, Purrazzo called out Storm and told her that she doesn’t recognize the new Toni Storm, but Storm also has never met the Virtuosa. Absurdly, Storm got on Luther’s shoulders and began talking nonsense which caused both Purrazzo and Paquette to break out laughing in the ring.

Private Party defeats Top Flight

Private Party teamed together for the first time in 13 months. Early on Marq Quen was going after Dante Martin’s previously injured ankle. This turned into a ground battle has both wrestlers were trying to gain control, a stark difference to their usual in-ring styles. However, it didn’t take long after for Quen to go all out with multiple dives to the outside. A 450-splash from Quen only got a two count-out as Dante Martin kicked out. After a gin and juice on Dante Martin later, Quen rolled Darius up for the win while holding onto the ropes.

Sting & Darby Allin Video Package

Allin & Sting spoke about their journey these past few years. Allin mentioned that they have a 26-0 record together and they are gunning for the tag team titles.

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe defeats HOOK

HOOK’s bat signal illuminated in the arena as his music hit, the young upstart made his way to the ring knowing that is his biggest match in his career to date. The pressure is on as HOOK has carefully been used over the last two years. Right as the bell rang, HOOK went right after Joe with left and right hands. Joe then gained an advantage quickly and took over from there. A thunderous uranage to the edge of the announce table looked brutal. This was followed up by a powerbomb on the ring apron which prompted Doctor Sampson to check on HOOK. However, HOOK didn’t let up as he refused to get counted out. Joe pulled out as much offense as possible to get the victory but HOOK kept kicking out, most notably kicking out at one after a muscle buster! HOOK hit the t-bone suplex on Joe as the crowd went wild. However he couldn’t lock in the Redrum. Joe dodged it and got the coquina clutch in and got the win after HOOK passed out. What a match and what a performance from both Joe and HOOK!

After the match, HOOK called out Joe which prompted Joe to hit a low blow and another muscle buster. Joe walked away but HOOK once again got back on his feet. Joe went back to the ring but before he could attack again, Adam Page came out for the save. Samoa Joe retreated as Page stared on in the ring. Strickland showed up in the crowd, which turned into Page and Strickland giving each other death stares. The show went off the air as HOOK went up the ramp on his own two feet.

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