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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of Dynamite on March 30th 2022.

CM Punk defeated Max Caster:

Punk used the Anaconda Vice finish again. After the match, Tony Schiavone interviewed Punk & Punk said he’ll be coming for the AEW World Championship.

Backstage with MJF & FTR:

Smart Mark Sterling is putting up flyers that say Wardlow is banned from AEW events. MJF cuts a promo putting over the Pinnacle. Dax says Wardlow is their friend, but MJF said Wardlow used to talk shit about them. Dax & Cash both look unsure.

Jon Moxley defeated Jay Lethal:

After the match, Moxley & Lethal shook hands

Marina Shaffir Video Package:

Highlight video of Marina Shaffir with the commentators putting her over.

FTR defeated The Gunn Club

MJF was on commentary. Billy Gunn attacked Cash Wheeler behind the referee’s back and caused distractions throughout.

Halfway through the match, Wardlow got into the arena and started attacking security, he got into the crowd and pointed at MJF and started to make his way to him, but eventually security outnumbered. After the match MJF & FTR argued in the ring, but they did leave together. Dax Harwood pinned Austin Gunn

Keith Lee vs Powerhouse Hobbs Video Package:

Highlights of both men, Including promos from each of them hyping their match this Friday on Rampage.

Backstage with The Jericho Appreciation Society

Chris Jericho says the JAS have been the revolutionary force in sports entertainment and put over the group. He also says there will be no more members added to the group. Garcia says they took Santana, Ortiz & Kingston out and the group pretend to look for them… but they appear from behind a curtain and start to attack the JAS. They bring them down to the ring and get a bunch of offence in, but eventually the JAS outnumber them. Jericho uses his baseball bat, ‘Floyd’ during the attack. He also whipped Eddie Kingston with his belt multiple times and hit the Judas Effect on him.

Backstage with Jade Cargill & Mark Sterling:

Mark Sterling says they have two options for Cargill’s 30th opponent, but Sterling had picked Leva Bates, who appears and looks excited. Jade is dismissive and calls it a joke and that she’s not a good enough opponent. Sterling then says they will have to go with option B, who is Marina Shaffir which seemingly Sterling isnt too confident about. Cargill still seems super confident as usual though.

Bryan Danielson vs Wheeler Yuta:

Really great match where Wheeler Yuta was clearly trying to prove himself. William Regal was on commentary and said he was interested in recruiting Yuta.

Andrade & Darby Allin video package:

Both men cut promos on each other hyping their match later tonight.

Undisputed Elite “Championship Celebration”

Adam Cole & reDragon come out wearing the belts they stole last week. Adam Cole says Adam Page & Jurassic Express aren’t here tonight because they’re so embarrassed they don’t have their titles, and that AEW needs a new era. Kyle O’reilly the. says they have haters but the rankings don’t mean anything, but says he doesn’t feel too good from partying and sits down in the ring for a moment. Bobby Fish then starts to put over the group. Cole then says the celebration is going to go all week long.

Hangman Adam Page then shows up in a car and attacks the group, even though he is outnumbered he clears the ring. Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Christian cage then attack Undisputed Elite from behind and throw them back into the ring, the faces then get a bunch of offence in and get their title belts back.

Thunder Rosa Promo:

Thunder Rosa says she fought and clawed her way to the top of the womens division, and that she wants to be the face of all womens wrestling, she says she will be a foundation and calls out whoever wants to come and get her. She then cuts a promo on Nyla Rose who attacked her last week.

Backstage with FTR:

FTR says they are going to win the ROH tag titles & the AEW tag titles titles, they then challenge the Young Bucks

Toni Storm defeated The Bunny (Owen Hart Foundation Womens Tournament qualifying match):

Toni Storm debuted here as a mystery opponent.

Backstage With Nyla Rose & Vickie Guerrero:

Vickie & Nyla cut promos on Thunder Rosa, Nyla says Rosa has a death wish & she’ll be her genie.

Andrade El Idolo defeated Darby Allin:

Andrade attacked Darby Allin before the match on the outside and the two went back and forth, but Andrade got the majority of the offence in, including throwing Darby on to the steel steps.

Jose the Assistant attempted to interfere but Sting stopped him. Butcher & Blade then come out and attack Sting, distracting Darby who hits a dive from the top rope to the outside on them, leading to the finish. After the match, the AFO attack Darby but Private Party & the Hardys make the save

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