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It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. It’s AEW Big Business! The long awaited debut of Mercedes Mone has been hinted at but not blatantly advertised, however her imminent arrival has fans on the edge of their seats. AEW World Champion Samoa Joe is scheduled to defend his title against the winner of Revolution’s 8-Man Scramble Match, Wardlow. The new-look Elite with the addition of Kazuchika Okada are in a star-studded trios match against Eddie Kingston, PAC, and Penta El Zero Miedo. Darby Allin is going away to climb Mount Everest in a few weeks, but before that he has another hill to climb as he faces off with Jay White. After the events of last week, Willow Nightingale will get her opportunity to face off with Riho, attempting to avenge Kris Statlander’s defeat from last episode. Finally, HOOK and Chris Jericho are teaming up together to go against the Gates of Agony.


As the show began, Renee Paquette was in the parking lot announcing some of the big matches coming up later tonight. A Mercedes then appeared and began to honk. The camera came up close and the door began to open. The camera cut away to inside the arena. Fans were eager in their anticipation. Finally, her music hit and the CEO made her way out.

Mercedes Mone was emotional talking about her love for wrestling and her journey so far. The crowd was hot for every single thing Mercedes had to say. Mone announced that tonight’s main event is Willow Nightingale and Riho. Mone mentioned her unfinished business with Nightingale. However, for now all that matters is that Mone is All Elite!


Samoa Joe was asked about his upcoming match with Wardlow. Joe said that Wardlow has debts to pay from the last time they faced off. Joe capped it off by telling the audience he doesn’t lose championships at the Garden.


Adam Cole sitting in a chair and reading from a book, began to tell the audience a story. The story detailed Wardlow’s path is AEW thus far. This path included his hatred for former champion MJF and his current alliance with the Undisputed Kingdom. Tonight is the night that Wardlow is set to dethrone Samoa Joe and present his “king” with the prize.


Wardlow proved to be an even match for Joe. Multiple times throughout them match, Wardlow had Joe on the ropes. Wardlow even feigned an injury to take the advantage of Joe. His best chance came after he hit that patented knee on Joe, however it only resulted in a two count. Wardlow unexpectedly was caught with a Coquina Clutch and ended up passing out to give Samoa Joe the victory.

After the match, Swerve Strickland with a steel chain in hand came out as he was being stopped by security. Strickland fought off the security and made his way to the ring by then, Joe retreated. However, it is not over for Joe and Strickland as this saga continues.


Earlier in the day, Alex Marvez was able to interview the Elite. Nicholas Jackson was angry as Marvez didn’t call Okada by his government name which is “The Rainmaker, Kazuchika Okada”. Okada then gave out a warning to his opponents later in the evening. The newest member of the Elite then told Marvez to sing “Happy Birthday” to Matthew Jackson. Marvez, looking annoyed, began to sing as the show went to commercial.


The Young Bucks made their entrance with all the pomp and circumstance. Matthew Jackson pulled out a coin and flipped it which cued Okada’s music, which made for a cool moment.

Early in the match, Eddie Kingston and Okada were both in the middle of the ring but in true heel fashion, Okada quickly tagged out before they could fight. Every wrestler in this match proceeded to have a highlighting moment with PAC and Penta both looking especially crisp in the ring. Okada and Kingston traded chops throughout the match but despite his best efforts, Kingston was low-blowed by Nicholas Jackson. This happened during a referee distraction by Matthew Jackson. Okada took advantage with a Rain-Maker and ended up getting the pinfall victory over the Continental Crown Champion.


Adam Copeland and Christian Cage’s AEW history was shown in a video package in the leadup to their third match set to take place in Toronto next week. The match will be an I Quit match for the TNT championship.


Will Ospreay has been made to feel big time since his arrival in AEW. In-ring promo time isn’t given out to everyone but Ospreay has excelled in every chance he’s gotten to cut a promo. This time was no different. Ospreay was asked about Bryan Danielson and their upcoming match at Dynasty on April 21st. Ospreay said that he has been attempting to emulate Danielson’s career, showing respect to the American Dragon.

Ospreay mentioned Danielson’s comments from the Forbidden Door media scrum from last year. After Ospreay pulled off the Tiger Driver 91 on Kenny Omega, Danielson questioned if it was worth it. Ospreay confirmed that as blood was pouring down his face and victory was achieved, it was worth it. Ospreay mentioned that everyone speaks about restoring the feeling but he IS the feeling and at Dynasty he’s going to prove why he’s the best in the world.


Purrazzo called out Toni Storm and Mariah May and since the numbers are against her, she will be bringing on a partner next week in Toronto to even the odds.


Darby Allin, with his body taped up, was put through hell right from the first bell. Jay White didn’t hold back as Allin was thrown into turnbuckles, barricades, and steel steps. Allin began to gain some momentum as he avoided a Stinger Splash from White. Allin was able to hit some big moves and got a couple of near-falls on White. Allin was even able to drop White with a Scorpion Death-Drop but White was able to get a foot on the rope. Allin wasn’t done there as he then attempted a Coffin Drop onto the ring apron, White moved out of the way and Allin took all that punishment on his back. Allin narrowly avoided a count-out defeat but as he entered the ring, White hit the Blade-Runner and secured the victory.

After the match, White offered a hand to Allin but before Allin could accept, White turned his open hand into a gun. The Gunns and White then attacked Allin and put his ankle inside of a steel chair. As White was going to hit Allin’s ankle with a baseball bat, The Acclaimed came in for the save. Billy Gunn began to argue with White which led to the Bang Bang Scissor Gang turning on the Acclaimed and Billy Gunn. After the turn, the trio brought Allin back into the ring and ended up finishing what they started as White shattered Allin’s ankle.


Chris Jericho made his way to the ring as the “Lionheart” which has become not quite as special as it was the first few times he’s used this former persona. Toa Liona was the MVP of this match as he looked like an absolute beast with every bit of offense he had. This made HOOK look that much better when he was able to pull off a german suplex on Liona later in the match. Jericho and HOOK were later able to lock-in a Redrum/Lion Tamer combo on Bishop Kaun. Jericho then let go of the hold to hit a missile drop-kick on Liona. HOOK then ended up hooking the Redrum fully for the victory.


O’Reilly spoke to Renee Paquette about being away from the ring for two years and with how competitive the landscape is today, he doesn’t know if he can hang with the best. However, that’s not going to stop him from trying as he has his eyes set on Bryan Keith for their match this Saturday on Collision. Roderick Strong and The Kingdom interrupted the interview. Strong told O’Reilly that he has immense respect for him and that if O’Reilly wants to do it on his own he totally respects that. The two embraced. O’Reilly looked nervous but he was adamant that he is going to do it on his own.


Higlights from Nigtingale and Riho’s time in AEW were shown in a package. Both wrestlers have had a fair share of accomplishments. These two are a great choice to main event Dynamite in this new Mercedes Mone era of the women’s division. After the package, Mone introduced herself to Riho and wished her luck on her match.


Chris Jericho told HOOK that he has earned his respect and even called HOOK a future World Champion in the industry. However, Jericho wants to see how they would fare in a singles match. The challenge was laid out for next week in Toronto, HOOK accepted.


Two ultra babyfaces made for an interesting dynamic from the get-go. Due to her size Riho was naturally the underdog but throughout the match Nigtingale was put in situations where she had to fight from underneath. Riho was able to get Nigtingale on her back multiple times. Riho pulled off a dragon suplex on the apron followed up by a double stomp from the top rope, however Nigtingale was able to kick out. It was a hard fought match but it was Nightingale who was able to gain the momentum and get the victory with a thunderous Doctor Bomb.

After the match, the lights went out. When they came back on, Julia Hart and Skye Blue appeared for the attack. Mercedes Mone came out for the save as she took out both Blue and Hart. Nightingale raised Mone’s hand as a show of respect as the show ended.

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