AEW Have Reportedly Reached Out To Sean Waltman In Regards To Working With The Company

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All Elite Wrestling have reportedly reached out to Sean Waltman in the past.

Many wrestling legends have appeared in All Elite Wrestling, whether it be Sting’s occasional in-ring appearances or Billy Gunn’s lovable association with The Acclaimed, the company have been praised for their treatment of their well-known older stars.

When it comes to who fans may next see emerge in AEW, Billy Gunn recently gave an interview to Sportskeeda indicating that the company have previously tried ‘a couple of times’ to bring Sean Waltman to the company, something which Haus Of Wrestling later confirmed.

“Haus of Wrestling asked around about the comments and learned that AEW has reached out to Waltman about working with the promotion, possibly doing something with Gunn.”

-Haus Of Wrestling

Of course, Billy Gunn is currently associated with The Acclaimed in one of AEW’s most popular acts. Though, the report notes that the former X-Pac wouldn’t be interested in a one-off appearance, with it likely that he would be sticking around should he sign with the company.

Expanding on that, it’s said that the 50-year-old is getting into in-ring shape and that those close to Waltman have indicated that it wouldn’t be surprising to see him pop up in AEW down the line.

“With that said, Waltman is in the process of getting back into ring shape and those close to him told us they would not be surprised if he showed up in AEW.”

-Haus Of Wrestling

As for what exactly was pitched to Waltman, not much is known aside from the idea that he would work with Gunn in some way.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any updates on the status of Sean Waltman and AEW as we hear more.

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