Andrade Reportedly Set To Be A Babyface On WWE Raw

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We now have an indication as to the time Andrade will perform on Monday Night Raw.

On January 27, during the men’s Royal Rumble match, the number 4 entry saw Andrade make his return to WWE. It came following reports of his AEW exit around Worlds End, and the Mexican’s was free to re-sign with his former employers at the turn of the year.

Following the rumble, he was signed to the Raw brand, and, to provide some more context on this, PWInsiderElite are now reporting that Andrade is set to perform as a babyface each Monday night.

“The current plan is for Andrade to be a babyface on the Monday Night Raw brand, has confirmed.”

-PWInsider Elite

This alignment means Andrade is free to feud with the heels who already operate on Raw, such as Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER. It also keeps the door open for interactions with almost any member of the roster, particularly as the 34-year-old has a lot of history with different opponents from his time in NXT.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Andrade and his role on Raw as soon as we hear more.

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