Becky Lynch Claims She Isn’t Ready To Hand Over WWE’s Women’s Division To The Next Generation


‘The Man’ still has it.

Becky Lynch, alongside her fellow Four Horsewomen members Charlotte Flair, Bayley, & Sasha Banks, were the four pillars of WWE’s Women’s Revolution, and are all now multi-time Women’s Champions in the promotion. Lynch in particular, now stands out as one of the company’s biggest stars regardless of gender, and with the new generation emerging, it looks as though Lynch isn’t ready to step aside just yet.

With the likes of Rhea Ripley, Bianca Belair, and Tiffany Stratton on the rise in WWE, Becky Lynch told CBS Sports that she’s still got what it takes to lead the division despite the competition consistently improving.

“That’s funny, ‘Do I still have it?’ Damn straight I still have it. I am it, been it and don’t need a championship to prove I’m it.”

-Becky Lynch

Commenting further on the new batch of stars cluttering the field, Lynch claimed that she’s still running laps around the next generation, honing in on WWE Women’s World Champion Rhea Ripley in particular as she points out the difference in their work-rates.

“I think she tends to take the easy way out. She’s (Rhea Ripley) not at all the live events. She’s not doing the schedule that I am. She’s not doing the media that I am. She’s not wrestling like I am. In the last few weeks — what am I talking about — the last few years when I’ve had banger after banger. I’ve been the heartbeat and the pulse of the women’s division. I’ve been the one moving it forward. She’s been hovering backstage talking to the lads and holding the championship. I’ve been the one doing the hard work.”

-Becky Lynch

Whilst Lynch was always a reliable worker dating back to her time in NXT, many perceived there to be a ceiling on her ‘Irish Lass Kicker’ gimmick. Since gaining the self appointed monike of ‘The Man’ and a newfound attitude in 2018, Lynch has been catapulted into a level of stardom previously unseen for WWE’s female stars.

Continuing the comparisons between herself and Ripley, Becky stated that whilst she had to fight for everything she’s earned, the Judgement Day member has, on the other hand, been protected and handed her opportunities on a silver platter.

“I have never been protected. I have never, ever, ever been seen as that person to strap a rocket to and let them go. I worked for it. I earned it. I fought my way to it. Once I got there, I didn’t want to let it go and I constantly fight for it. [Ripley] is the golden girl of yesteryear. Let’s put a rocket on her back and send her to the moon. Look, she is good and she has that particular presence about her. But she’s been protected.”

-Becky Lynch

Despite not being ready to hand over the reigns to the WWE women’s division just yet, Lynch isn’t shy about wanting to help elevate the next generation. Last year saw her finally captured the NXT Women’s Championship, which she in turn used to showcase several talents across WWE’s weekly programming before putting over Lyra Valkyria.

That ambition is still alive and kicking inside Lynch though, and with the self-belief that she’s the greatest to ever do, it’s hard to see her slowing down any time soon as she looks to further establish her already Hall of Fame-worthy legacy.

“I’m the first woman to win the main event of WrestleMania. I’ve won every single match there is to win in WWE. I have won every championship there is to win in WWE. I continue to break down barriers and to break through glass ceilings all while being a mother. All while being a best-selling author. If I quit tomorrow, I am still the greatest woman to have ever done it. But I’m not quitting tomorrow. I have a WrestleMania match that needs to happen… I’m going to take that title from her. Do I need to prove that I still have it? Okay, good. I did plant that seed of doubt. That seed grew into a tree but what’s great is that when people believe in me I’m good. But when people doubt me I am great. In fact, I’m not just great, I am an unstoppable monster.”

-Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is set to challenge Rhea Ripley for the Women’s World Championship during Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia this Saturday, with the card also featuring the in-ring return of The Rock.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the future plans for Becky Lynch as soon as we hear more.

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