Britt Baker Speaks Her Mind About “Toxic” Locker Room Members

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From top stars missing from TV, backstage altercations, to contract tampering, I think we can all agree its been quite a strange few months in AEW.

While the various aftershocks from AEW’s All Out press conference seem to be wrapping up as more and more information spills out and as the investigation concludes, its clear to see that the locker room is faced with more problems than just past physical altercations.

Former AEW Women’s Champion, Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D., was a recent guest on the Swerve City podcast where she tossed her hat in the ring in order to explain how she perceives that ego plays into the various qualms within All Elite Wrestling.

“What’s so toxic is when somebody thinks they’re bigger than the company. Or that the company needs them. There’s literally no one in AEW that they need, other than Tony Khan to survive. Everybody can be replaced.”

Britt Baker

While Britt’s remarks were obviously void of actual names that hasn’t stopped speculation from flowing.

There seems to be a massive task of getting everyone back on the same page within AEW and while this seems like a difficult chore, numerous members of the roster including, Jon Moxley, Bryan Danielson, and Chris Jericho have recently stepped up and earned additional responsibilities backstage in an effort to prevent future issues.

H/T WrestlingInc for the transcription

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