Brock Lesnar: I didn’t prostitute myself to the media

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Brock Lesnar has never been a guy that has given many interviews throughout his career. They are usually very few and far between. However, after appearing on the Pat McAfee Show, Brock Lesnar spoke with News Day.

Lesnar was asked about his reputation of being a guy that doesn’t care and is just in it for the money, and to set the record straight about whether or not he is passionate about pro wrestling.

“ I’ve put on some great [expletive] matches in my day. And you don’t do that without having a passion for the squared circle. I’m a man that for the last 25 years of my life just wanted to be left the [expletive] alone. I didn’t prostitute myself and put myself out there to be vulnerable to the media and be vulnerable to the next person that wanted to stick their claws into me. I just found out that it was easier for me to go and recharge my batteries and go be who I really wanted to be and hide that from the world. It’s just who I am. I’m a private person.

I approach my life and fighting and wrestling like this is a job. It’s a career. I’m a prizefighter. I get into the octagon or the ring, I do my business, and I do it well, and I get paid for it. And so I’m very passionate about the business. But that was my character. For a long time, I had Paul Heyman speaking on my behalf. I didn’t have to participate on the microphone. I was just a demolition man. I think people, if they could see through all of it, would understand that I’ve had some really great matches in my career with a lot of different people. You don’t go to work, and put out a product like that if you don’t have passion for it” – Brock Lesnar

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