Brodie Lee Set To Feature In AEW’s ‘Fight Forever’ Video Game

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AEW have always been keen to keep the memory of Brodie Lee alive and the latest tribute to ‘The Exhaulted One’ has been revealed.

We’re edging closer to the release of AEW’s debut console game: AEW Fight Forever. This is the first time the company have developed a console game so many fans aren’t sure what to expect. Hype for the game is still high, though, it’s set to have a slimmed down roster compared to the actual amount of wrestlers that are under an AEW contract.

The slimmed roster shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given just how bloated the roster is in AEW. It’s worth noting that even wrestlers such as Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler have been omitted from the game. Yet, a welcome inclusion to the roster has been revealed. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that Brodie Lee, who passed away in 2020, will be playable in the game.

“AEW made a deal with Martha Hart so Owen Hart, who never wrestled in AEW, is a character in the original release, as is Brodie Lee.”


It’s heartwarming that people will be able to play as Brodie Lee. His passing was a shock to the wrestling world and this is a great way of paying tribute to the former TNT Champion.

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