Exclusive Interview: Bozilla Talks Marigold, Sumo Hall, WWE, & More

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Rossy Ogawa’s new women’s promotion DREAM STAR FIGHTING MARIGOLD, or simply Marigold for short, started on May 20th in front of a sold-out crowd at Korakuen Hall. Fast-forward to today, and we are just 2 weeks away from the promotion holding their first major show named “Marigold Summer Destiny 2024” on July 13th at the legendary Sumo Hall.

Next to names such as Giulia, Sareee, Utami Hayashishita, and WWE’s IYO SKY, Bozilla will be in a major match on the show as she has the chance to become the first-ever Marigold United National Champion at Summer Destiny.

Ahead of Marigold’s huge Sumo Hall show, I had the chance to interview Bozilla as she discussed several topics including her debut match at Marigold, potential dream matches against WWE Superstars, her match at Summer Destiny, and more!

Your father Ulf Herman was at the Korakuen Hall show to support you. How important is your father to your wrestling career?

“My dad is a very important person who gave me the chance to live my life as I want!

He is a legend in the wrestling world, but he never wrestled in Japan! But, never say never! He is there for me if I got questions, and he knows a lot of very high-profile people outside of the wrestling industry! He is a bodyguard for a ton of Rockbands such as Korn, System of a Down, Rammstein, Evanescence, etc!

He was building his legacy on the foundation of wrestling, and he still loves the business very much because it gave him a lot. So I’m not saying that Bozilla needs help, but if I need help, I’ve got backup.”


In March 2022, you made your pro wrestling debut. Now, you are wrestling in Japan as part of Marigold. How different is your career than you expected it to be after two years?

“I thought about going to Japan because it is an old tradition with wrestling and I was really happy when Mr. Ogawa contacted me to join his promotion! My career is on a fast track, and it looks like there is nobody here to stop me.

I’m on a rampage, and I will destroy everyone in my way to the top! I wanna become the first ever foreign champion at Marigold, and the message is clear to everyone in Marigold!!”


It was stated that you will be staying in Japan for a while. How different is life in Japan compared to
Germany & Canada, and how long do you plan to stay on your first tour with the company?

“I really enjoy life in Japan, and I will stay a long time to build my legacy. It is much cleaner than everywhere I went so far.

I think it all comes down to yourself to adopt the lifestyle when you are going to a foreign country. If you’re not open minded you’re screwed. I travel a lot, but Japan is so far on the top list of my journeys.”


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You have been wrestling for two years now and started your run in Japan while being just 20 years old. What are your ambitions & goals in your career?

“Yes, I’m just 20 years of age! What does it mean? I got the mind of an old timer, and I am well trained. Age is just a number, nothing more. I grew up in the business around my dad, and he gave me a great set of tools to become a great wrestler.

Did you hear the chants at the debut show at Korakuen Hall? They were chanting my name in the first match I had in Japan in the main event with 3 of the best wrestlers in the world. That doesn’t happen often! It happened for a reason, and the reason is me, BOZILLA!

So this is the beginning of paving my way to the top of the business. We will see what happens and who will face me, but I will get them out of my way.”


Your debut match in Japan was in the main event at Korakuen Hall, which is a huge spot. What was your reaction when the match card was announced, and you saw that you were teaming with Sareee to face Giulia & Utami Hayashishita?

“When they announced the card with me in the main event I felt honored that Mr. Ogawa gave me the trust to have that spot. I did some research on my opponents, and with Sareee on my side, it was a great call.

I know my strengths and abilities, and combined with the knowledge Sareee’s got, there could be just one goal for us and that was a win.”


You were standing in the ring next to Sareee, who is a multiple-time World Champion and a former WWE Superstar and opposite of Utami Hayashishita & Giulia, who were on top of STARDOM. Were you nervous? If so, did it change over the course of the match?

“Nervous? Bozilla never gets nervous. I don’t care who I’m facing. I’m there to win, and I will do anything to achieve that. I’m getting stronger every day, and my training regiment is very tight. Bozilla is a Killa”


After the match ended, the crowd erupted in loud “Bozilla” chants, and fans called you the MVP of the show. What was the feeling after seeing all the reactions to your debut match in Japan?

“I felt that hard work paid off. All the days away from my family, my friends, my pets!

When the match was over and the crowd was going nuts, that was a special moment I will never forget. I saw Mr. Ogawa had a big smile on his face, and it proved him right to book me in that match. I saw my dad sitting in the crowd, being proud of me. It was amazing, and I knew that I have people around me who saw my talent and set me up for success.

Bozilla chants loud at Korakuen Hall!! What a start for a road to domination.”


During the match at Korakuen Hall, Giulia injured her wrist after a slam of yours. It’s expected that Giulia will seek revenge sooner rather than later. Would a potential singles match against Giulia interest you?

“You’re right, and things happen in wrestling. It’s a very physical sport and accidents happen! I’m very confident that when Guilia is healed up and back in the ring, I will face her, and the result will be that after the smoke clears I will stand above her. I’m looking forward to that day.”


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After your big main event at Marigold Field’s Forever, you made it very clear that you were after the Marigold World Championship, but you changed your mind and entered the United National Title Tournament. What changed the direction of your goal?

“As I said before!! I’m here to win against anybody, and now is the fact that I’m going to wrestle for the White Belt in the legendary Sumo Hall. I’m really touched, but I don’t have time to show feelings because the message is very clear! Bozilla wants to be on top of Marigold. Every day, my army of Bozillians (that’s what Bozilla’s fans are called) is growing, and it shows me that I’m doing the right thing.

On July 13, I will become the first United National Champion at Marigold, and after that, I will target the Red Belt as well.”


WWE’s IYO SKY will take part at the Summer Destiny show on July 13th, facing Utami Hayashishita. Who from WWE would you want to face in a Marigold ring?

“So…IYO SKY is going against Utami? I don’t care because I got my own path before me.

I will face anybody, and if the WWE will send some of their wrestlers off to MY promotion such as Rhea Ripley, Liv Morgan, Jade Cargill, Bayley or whoever!

I don’t care because they never faced someone like Bozilla. I’m a new breed, and nothing will stop me.”

– Bozilla

What is the biggest difference from wrestling in Japan to your matches in Germany?

“The biggest difference between Europe and Japan is the fact that the Japanese fans are more passionate at the events! I like that, and it pushes me to another level.”


Sareee, Utami, and Yuzuki have all staked their claim for the title of “Ace” of the promotion. How do you respond to this? Are you interested in the “Ace” title yourself?

“You said the ACE of the company? I made it very clear that I’m already the ACE of Marigold because I’m the talk of the town. I came and conquered the hearts and soul of the Japanese fans and burned my initials into their brains.

Bozilla is the ACE of Marigold. That’s a fact!! If anybody wants to question that, get in line!!”


In the history of Japanese wrestling, many foreign monsters like Vader have taken over the Japanese wrestling scene. What is something you can learn from them, and what makes Bozilla different from them?

“I studied the big monster wrestlers in Japan, and I love Vader, Stan Hansen, Terry Gordy, Scott Norton, etc. They all had a big impact on the Japanese wrestling scene, and I already got some of their stuff in my move set.

I’m constantly trying to get better, and I am very critical to myself. I analyze my matches every time so that I’m in constant progress. If you are not focused you will fuck shit up.”


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One of the biggest challenges for foreign wrestlers is often adapting to the Japanese style. What is the best advice you’ve received so far in that regard?

“I love the hard-hitting style here! Wrestling is a combat sport and it’s not for pussies! If you hit me, hit me hard and I will hit you back harder. It’s right up my alley.

I received a lot of good vibes from my dad and my coaches, Scott D’Amore, Josh Alexander, Giesele Shaw, and they are all very excited that I fit in here so good and that the transition from one style to anther was so fluent.”


Your wrestling is built around your power & size, and your catchphrase is “SIZE DOES MATTER.” Can you tell us your daily training routine in the gym, and how much do you lift?

“I’m in the gym every day, and that’s my lifestyle. I lift very heavy and also do a strong cardio routine every day.

If you want to find out how strong I am, go to my instagram @Therealbozilla. There are a few clips from the gym so that you get an idea how heavy I go.

The fact that I’m just 20 years of age means that there is a big space to improve, and that’s what I want! I want to be known as a monster that took over Japan by storm, and I want everybody to know SIZE DOES MATTER!”


There are many wrestling organizations & wrestlers in the world today. Why should fans support Marigold & Bozilla?

“My Bozillians will support me because I brought back something that was lost for a long time in Japan! A monster! SIZE DOES MATTER is not just a phrase. It is a message to everyone who got the balls to step in the ring with me. I just started my way of destruction!

There is a reason that they call me the biggest Kaijuu!!!!! I’m stronger, I’m taller, and I’m the MF’n BOZILLA!”


Myself and WrestlePurists would like to thank Bozilla and Marigold for taking the time for this great interview ahead of Marigold Summer Destiny.

You will be able to watch Bozilla and the rest of the roster on Marigold’s first show at Sumo Hall, Marigold Summer Destiny 2024, live on July 13th as a Wrestle Universe PPV. On the show, Bozilla will have the chance to crown herself the first-ever Marigold United National Title against the winner of Miku Aono & MIRAI, Sareee faces Giulia, and IYO SKY & Utami Hayashishita clash in a long-awaited dream match.

For more coverage on Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion, you can check out our interview with Marigold’s Victoria Yuzuki here.

You can follow Marigold through their English (@Marigold_Joshi) and Japanese (@DFS_Marigold) accounts on X (formerly known as Twitter) and on their website, where you will find the promotion’s schedule and more information on their roster.

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