Josh Barnett: I’ve Spoken To Malakai Black And CM Punk About Coming Into Bloodsport

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Josh Barnett says he’s spoken with Malakai Black and CM Punk about potentially doing Bloodsport.

During WrestleMania week, it’s extremely common to see wrestling companies from across the world host events in ‘Mania’s host city to capitalise on the buzz. As such, certain shows have become commonplace during the lead up to WWE’s signature Premium Live Event, one of which is GCW Bloodsport. This year in particular, interest for the event is high, as it is set to feature contracted talent from both WWE and AEW.

Talking to Phil Strum on Under The Ring, Josh Barnett was asked who else he’d like to see compete at a Bloodsport show. To start, Barnett reflected on what his main goal with the shows are, and made it clear that he is a neutral party when hosting talent from a variety of different companies.

“There’s a lot. There are plenty. Although, who would be available from these companies to come and work the show is a different story. Hopefully, in time, more of these sorts of things can happen. I’m not sure people are aware of how many New Japan pro wrestlers have been on Bloodsport shows. That’s from my relationship with New Japan going back to 2002. I try to create this show as a neutral body, as something that stands alone and apart from all of the rest of pro wrestling’s politics and ratings wars. We’re not out there thinking about competing with anyone else but ourselves and being capable of making the absolute best shows in the spirit of how I am trying to build Bloodsport to be, that’s it. We’re focusing on that. It helps to keep your eyes forward, but also demonstrate that whether you’re New Japan, AEW, WWE, I’m not here to get into any competition with them. I’m not here to do anything but to build a place to where wrestlers, wrestlers first and foremost, can shine above all. The more they have confidence and trust in me maintaining that environment, the more these type of things will happen. I love giving people opportunities, and that’s a huge reason to do this,”

-Josh Barnett

Then, he got into discussing who he’d bring in if he had the chance. Here, he revealed that he has actually spoken to Malakai Black and CM Punk about doing the event. Also, despite not having discussions with them, he lists Chad Gable, Bron Breakker and Charkie Dempsey as performers he’d perhaps like to see do Bloodsport if possible.

“If given the chance to bring other guys in, of course, I’ve spoken with Malakai Black a few times about coming into Bloodsport. I’ve spoken to CM Punk. It would be great to have Chad Gable or Bron Breakker or any number of people with amateur backgrounds. Charlie Dempsey is out there showing catch-as-catch-can. He spent the time abroad training for quite some time and I’ve worked with him over distance for some years prior, just sending videos, going over techniques, and having conversations. The kid is doing all his own work because he really wants to be the type of wrestler that you think he is, it’s important to him. I can see it. There is a whole wealth of talent out there that could be great. Miro, from AEW, maybe someone like him would be a good fit. There is plenty of talent. At the end of the day, it’s not just what I would want or who I could get. Bill Goldberg is like family to me. Maybe he’ll want to get into Bloodsport, who knows. Whoever it is, they have to see this ring for what it is and what we’ve created and say, ‘That’s something I’ve got to do. That’s me. I want to show myself and shine myself in a place like this.’ When you put those two things together, who knows what can happen,”

-Josh Barnett

On April 4, the latest iteration of GCW Bloodsport will see WWE’s Shayna Baszler face Masha Slamovich and AEW’s Johnny TV face off with Josh Barnett. Also on the card, Axel Tischer will battle Timothy Thatcher while Nic Nemeth is set to clash with Mike Bailey.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Josh Barnett’s Bloodsport as soon as we hear more.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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