Kevin Owens: I Just Want To Have Fun At Work; If CM Punk Has That Mindset, Great

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Kevin Owens has given his thoughts on CM Punk’s WWE return.

Last Saturday, at the end of Survivor Series, the infamous static hit and CM Punk walked out onto the stage on a WWE show for the first time in just under 10 years. It was a mind-blowing moment for those in attendance and for fans around the world, but, given that the return came around three months after Punk had his AEW contract terminated after two backstage altercations, many were interested in how the current WWE roster had reacted to his arrival.

While sitting down with James Williams for a new interview, Kevin Owens became the latest to offer his opinion on CM Punk being back in WWE, with The Prizefighter simply saying that he wants to have fun while working and that he hopes Punk will have the same mindset now that he’s re-joined the company.

I just want to have fun at work. So if he’s got that mindset, great.”

-Kevin Owens

Heading out of Survivor Series, the stance of Kevin Owens on CM Punk’s WWE comeback is one that some fans had been particularly intrigued to find out, especially given the Canadian’s connections with The Elite, who clashed with the returning star as part of the initial ‘Brawl Out’ controversy in 2022. Seemingly though, Owens is more than happy to see Punk back in WWE as long as he has the right mindset.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the reaction to CM Punk’s WWE return as we hear more.

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