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Huge news shocked wrestling fans earlier this week when it was reported that WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions , Sasha Banks & Naomi had walked out on WWE just as they were about go Live for Monday Night RAW even though they were scheduled for the Main Event.

Much has come out since Monday regarding the situation, such as the reasons behind the walk out, which at this moment seem to be creative issues and not being respected as tag team champs. WWE also released a statement on the matter, which was first posted by Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp:

There has been a range of reports regarding what was supposed to happen in the originally schedule six pac match involving Sasha & Naomi on Monday, but Dave Meltzer reports in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Naomi was actually in place to pin Sasha Banks. However it is worth noting that it has been reported elsewhere that Naomi was supposed to pin Nikki ASH and not Sasha.

The plan was for Naomi to pin Banks to win the match and face Belair. Later an angle would be done to lead to Banks challenging Ronda Rousey for the Smackdown women’s titles. Both Belair and Rousey were to win those matches and retain the titles and Naomi & Banks were told that they would defend the tag titles on the 7/2 Money in the Bank show in Las Vegas.

– Dave Meltzer

There was also a note made about how Naomi’s WWE contract was believed to be up soon and that it has surprised some people that she’d walk out on WWE when new deals are more lucrative than ever :

It was believed Naomi’s contract was due soon. We were only told that it was surprising she did this while she was negotiating a new deal, particularly since new deals in WWE, due to the competition, are far more lucrative than ever in the past, and most being pushed have gotten major raises to stay.

– Dave Meltzer

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