Latest Reported Reaction To Vince McMahon’s WWE Resignation & Sexual Assault, Trafficking Lawsuit

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Ari Emanuel is reportedly believed not the type to be lenient towards any threat to business.

WWE have been embroiled in controversy over the last week as they look to respond to the damming lawsuit made against them by former employee Janel Grant, alleging a case of abuse and sexual exploitation against Vince McMahon. The news shook the company as a whole, and led to McMahon’s resignation from his role as the Executive Chairman of the TKO Group.

This was the first instance of repercussions being felt across WWE as a result of the lawsuit brought against them last week. Now, per PWInsider, according to a source it’s said that TKO Group Chief Executive Officer Ari Emanuel will ‘ferociously eradicate’ anything which may harm WWE’s business going forward, with the report citing a previous instance in which Emanuel was willing to walk away from a desk with Saudi Arabia in the past as proof that he will do all he can to keep business moving.

“As one source noted to me this morning, “if anyone believes for a second” that Endeavor owner Ari Emanuel wanted to discover the type of allegations brought forth in the Janel Grant lawsuit, not just about a company he purchased – but a company that has been employing his own daughter at WWE HQ for several years – they “don’t know Emanuel” and they don’t understand how “ferociously he will eradicate” anything that needs to be taken care of to protect his businesses. The same source noted that if Emanuel was willing to walk away from Saudi Arabia investments years ago without “blinking an eye”, he’ll have no problem “removing anything and anyone still remaining” that could potentially hurt or impact WWE’s business going forward.”


As mentioned, Vince McMahon’s resignation was the first casualty to follow the lawsuit brought against WWE by Janel Grant, although the 78-year-old has been it clear via a spokesperson that he aims to ‘vigorously’ defend himself against the allegations.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the lawsuit brought against Vince McMahon and WWE as we hear more.

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