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STARDOM held two tour shows over the past weekend in Yamanashi & Kyoto. While nothing got set up on the shows in terms of big matches, it had some interesting developments, including Starlight Kid teaming with EXV on the two shows. She mentioned backstage that she wants to team up with all factions in STARDOM. The ‘Sky Tiger’ will team up with God’s Eye on Tuesday in Osaka and aims to team up with Queen’s Quest in the future before choosing her destination. The biggest winner of the weekend was Xena, who pinned Natuspoi & Hanan to win her two matches. STARDOM is seemingly heating her up for a potential Wonder of Stardom Championship challenge against Saori Anou in the future.

The biggest development happened after the main event of the Kyoto show, as after winning together with Miyu Amasaki, Saya Kamitani said that she forgave Momo Watanabe and offered Momo to rejoin Queen’s Quest by reaching out for a handshake. Natsuko Tora stepped in, but Momo pushed her off and walked away without any comment, seemingly conflicted. Queen’s Quest did the show ending, and AZM then just dipped to the back. She is seemingly angry at Kamitani for offering a spot to AZM’s former tag team partner, who turned on the ‘High-Speed Bomb Girl’ back in December 2022. An interesting story development that could change the faction landscape in STARDOM.


Dream Star Fighting Marigold

After the debut show on May 20th in front of a sold-out Korakuen Hall crowd, Marigold held its first tour shows this weekend with a double shot in Shin-Kiba. The first show drew a super sell-out of 284 fans, and the second show drew 271 fans. With that, Marigold sold 2,094 tickets with its first three shows, which is a huge success for the new promotion.

The two shows aired live on Wrestle Universe, and both had a run time of 1 ½ hours and were easy to watch. Before the start of the two shows, Giulia came out and cut a little promo to hype up the crowd after missing the shows due to injury. She aims to be back by the July 13th Sumo Hall show to face Sareee in a special singles match.

Both shows opened with a Nao Ishikawa singles match as she came up short to both Misa Matsui & Kouki Amarei. Marigold is telling a little story about her being frustrated & upset at the AWG wrestlers taking away her spots on the match cards, advertisements, posters, and so on, which creates intrigue in Ishikawa as a character. She promised in a post-match promo that she would become an “Actress Killer”. Her next match announced is against the former Ace of WAVE Nagisa Nozaki on the June 11th Korakuen Hall show as Ishiakawa will miss the upcoming weekend due to a knee injury suffered on this double shot.

Marigold has a monster on their hands, and her name is Bozilla. What a dominant & comfortable performance she had on these two shows as she first destroyed Yuzuki & Utami singlehandedly on the afternoon show and then, with the help of Nagisa Nozaki, defeated CHIAKI & MIRAI. Bozilla isn’t the most polished wrestler yet, but that rawness is part of what makes her great. She’s been incredibly impressive as a dominant, unstoppable powerhouse wrestler who doesn’t bump and sell much for her opponents, and the crowd loves her. She is getting build-up for the eventual clash against Utami Hayashishita with the Marigold World Championship on the line. Hayashishita, on the other hand, called out Nanae Takahashi to a Passion Injection match on the upcoming Marigold Korakuen Hall show to build up momentum for the Sumo Hall show.

The addition of Sareee to the roster as a regular member is gold for Marigold as she once again had one hell of a performance by beating the crap out of Mai Sakurai & MIRAI together with Nagisa Nozaki in their match. She feels special amongst the roster and the perfect outsider that the roster needs to fight against. The ‘Sun God’ picked up the victory by pinning Mai Sakurai. Post-match, she exchanged a couple of words with Giulia & her opponents before Victoria Yuzuki stepped into the ring and challenged Sareee to a singles match at the upcoming Korakuen Hall show, which will be a great test for Yuzuki, while Sareee will almost certainly pick up another strong victory on the road to the Sumo Hall.

Currently announced matches for the Marigold Korakuen Hall show on June 11th:

  • Utami Hayashishita vs. Nanae Takahashi
  • Sareee vs. Victoria Yuzuki
  • Nagisa Nozaki vs. Nao Ishikawa

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