Mercedes Mone: There Should Be No Competition Between Companies, Just Between The Wrestlers

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Mercedes Mone isn’t a fan of wrestling tribalism.

Both WWE and AEW have had ups and downs over the last several years, and, although there are many who tune into both on a weekly basis, some viewers often pick one company over the other when it comes to which they prefer, and it seems as if one of All Elite Wrestling’s top stars isn’t a fan of this approach.

Speaking with US Daily, Mercedes Mone has said that there should be no competition between companies, only between wrestlers themselves.

“I feel like there should be no competition when it’s between companies. It just needs to be competition between the wrestlers, seeing who wants to be the main event of the show, to make the most money. I’m competing with everybody here in AEW to let them know I’m the face of the company. I’m not competing with any other company.”

-Mercedes Mone

On tribalism between fans, Mone said that the hostility stems from the internet, and that viewers are far less combative when they aren’t online and are attending wrestling in person.

“A lot of things just trail from the Internet. People are just so in their phones. Going on the Internet and bragging and complaining and they’re not actually living in the real world. When they come out into the real world and they actually go to wrestling shows and enjoy things with wrestling fans, they know that this is all just so much fun. People just like to drag things and be mean on the Internet just to be mean on the Internet. When they come to these shows, it’s a whole different feeling.”

-Mercedes Mone

The debut of ‘The CEO’ was a landmark moment in AEW’s history, and she is just days away from her in-ring debut for the company. Mercedes will battle Willow Nightingale for the TBS Championship at Double or Nothing, and it seems as if she’s entirely focused on business inside the ring rather than any outside noise.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on Mercedes Mone as soon as we hear more.

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