Multiple CMLL Wrestlers Reportedly Facing Visa Issues To Continue Working In America

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Many CMLL wrestlers are reportedly facing visa issues.

In recent weeks, All Elite Wrestling have featured many CMLL wrestlers on both Dynamite and Collision as part of a partnership between the two sides. This has been largely well received by fans of AEW, but, unfortunately, it appears as if the relationship between the two companies has hit a roadblock.

Per PWInsider, it’s been reported that many of CMLL’s talent are in the process of having their working visas cancelled, with it potentially taking months to for new visa applications to be processed. Among those affected are Volador Jr, Hechicero and Mascara Dorada who readers may recognise from their frequent AEW appearances as of late and referee Sagaz.

“ has learned that United States work visas for nearly 20 CMLL stars in Mexico are in the process of being canceled by the United States government. Once that happens, it could take months for new visas to go through the approval process and be issued.


The talent noted to be affected are the following…

Volador Jr.
Mascara Dorada
Blue Panther
Dulce Gardenia
El Sagrado
El Suicida
Espiritu Negro,
Gemelo Diablo 1 and 2,
Sangre Imperial,
referee Sagaz

It’s noted that the issues are arriving from complications between CMLL and Texas-based wrestling company Full Blown Pro Wrestling, who were working with the Mexican company to secure visas. It’s reported that Full Blown were warned by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security that they could be accused of fraud should the visas they were working to secure get flagged up by the government. It wasn’t clear why this was thought to be possible.

As of now, it’s likely that those affected will not be able to work in the USA for the foreseeable future as these issues get ironed out.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the visa issues facing CMLL talent as soon as we hear more.

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