No Timeline On When Thunder Rosa Will Return, News Will ‘Come Later’

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Thunder Rosa has been out of action for three months with her last televised match coming on August 10 at Battle Of The Belts. She is still the current AEW Women’s World Champion and will look to unify with Interim Champion Toni Storm upon her return from injury.

Many fans are eager to see Rosa come back so that a definitive women’s champion can be crowned. She is recovering from a back injury and, via Instagram live, stated that there isn’t timeframe for a return but news will ‘come later’.

Shoutout to all the AEW women’s division. You guys are doing great, but I’m getting better. Time is coming. I’m coming back soon. I know you guys are really eager to know when I’m coming back. The news will come later. I’m sorry, I don’t have a timeline. I just wanna thank everyone for being so happy to see me and asking to come back.

-Thunder Rosa.

She heaped praise on the current state of the AEW Women’s division, but fired a warning shot by stating that she will be back soon.

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