Notes From Chris Van Vliet Interviewing Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream)

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It was recently announced that well known interviewer, Chris Van Vliet would be interviewing Velveteen Dream. This was understandably a divisive announcement to make considering Velveteen Dream (real name Patrick Clark) had been accused of inappropriate behaviour with minors. On top of this, from the outside looking in, it seemed in recent years that he has spiralled. Multiple arrests, a TMZ headline and more.

The interview is out now, and I was actually surprised by the runtime. It’s over 1 hour long. So I made some notes whilst listening of some of the main points I assume some people are wondering about, which you can find below…

Patrick Clark (Velveteen Dream) denies any claims that he has had inappropriate communications with a minor & has done nothing to earn some titles he’s been given, such as “groomer”. He claims the screenshots of him talking to a 16-17 year old are not conversations that he ever had.

He had a pile of notes printed out next to him (this was weird) & goes through some of the twitter accounts that accused him, pointing out that 1 no longer exists & the others put out doctored images.

He says he did speak to a Joshua Schmidt, who he claims he had an Instagram call with and denies sending any messages that could be misconstrued as advances. Claims he was talking to him as a mentor.

Clark said in 2020 he opened up “Dream”’s DMs. It was when the world was shut down & all the schools were closed. He says the voice note where he asked what school Schmidt goes to was edited to be just an isolated clip of him asking the question. Says he only asked about school so he knew what area & could help advise on wrestling schools.

When asked about Joshua Fuller’s accusations that alleged he sent pictures etc, Dream pulls out a list of WWE talents that have had nudes leaked & passes it to CVV. He says he’s not here to speculate how somebody got his nudes.

He then pulls out a list of celebrities that were charged with against minors, and then says “I’m not likening my success to or where I am culturally to these men, but one: they were all men. And Two: They were all entertainers” and then says there is no way he would be accused of what he has been accused of and nothing happens. Theres no cover up. And he thinks common sense would kick in for people.

CVV asks him about the DMs to Josh Fuller. Clark He says he was helping Fuller for some time as a wrestler in training, but heard Fuller had 2 concussions, so he asked him to stop, which was ignored, so he cut him off. He said he didn’t want Fuller hurting himself to come back on him.

He then pulls up Fuller’s long statement describing his encounters with Clark, which Clark calls a “3 page manifesto of lies”. He claims the screenshots are doctored. The call where Clark allegedly asks Fuller to see his body, which was allegedly heard by Fuller’s friends on discord. Clark questions the validity of the claim because why does Fuller have evidence from 2016, but none from this incident.

He brings up Triple H comments about him on a media call, saying it should have effectively cleared his name, but says Fuller started the #FireVelveteenDream & pushed it.

When asked why he was talking to a 16yo, Clark says he was only 19 & it was the first time in his life he felt he could help people.

When the accusations started to come up, he did not know how to approach his family and those close to him, which lead to him spiralling. He wishes he would have fought the accusations more out of the gate but stayed silent because he didn’t know how to cope.

Clark says that in hindsight he feels Fuller was baiting him because on the first message sent that he has, Fuller asks him to go bowling.

He says if you look at the receipts theres no evidence of child grooming. He says WWE looked into this and he is sure the authorities did.

He points out that in one of Fuller’s posts he says that Clark never made any direct advances & was never directly sexual to him.

He says the incident where he was arrested at a gym, fighting and biting an employee was the “lowest of the lows” for him. He then apologised to him.

He completely denies the accusation EC3 made about recording people in the bathroom & says “substances are an aspect of Mike (EC3)’s life that he has a problem controlling”.

He claims WWE told him “budget cuts” was the reason he was given for his release. He says he doesn’t know if he wants to wrestle again, but when asked if he would accept a booking from a promoter, he says yes.

He’s currently living on a farm with his cousin, producing black garlic, sweet potatoes, looking after chickens + more & he is also sober now.

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