Ricky Starks’ Absence From AEW TV Reportedly Due To ‘Something Not Wrestling Related’

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AEW is known for having a large roster, but, this can sometimes mean that some wrestlers miss out on TV time. The depth of the roster usually means that Tony Khan is able to rotate talent in and out so that they don’t get overexposed, yet there are still many fan favourites who can go missing.

One of the performers which fans may be wondering about is Ricky Starks. The former FTW Champion hasn’t been featured for a few weeks but is scheduled for some mic time on tonight’s AEW Rampage. Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer has cleared up why the star was off TV.

“Ricky Starks hasn’t been in the ring for a few weeks due to something not wrestling related but he’ll be back on the show for a promo this week.”


Fans can at least rest assured that Starks is not carrying an injury. Starks’ promo will be a welcome addition for fans of the performer, with many wondering what he will be doing going forward following his return.

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