Rossy Ogawa’s STARDOM Exit Reportedly Played A Part In KAIRI & Giulia Heading To WWE


WWE may have benefitted from the turmoil in STARDOM’s management in a big way.

On February 5th, STARDOM and Bushiroad announced that STARDOM founder and executive producer Rossy Ogawa’s contract had been terminated with immediate effect due to talent and staff allegedly being poached. As a result, several STARDOM talents are said to be considering leaving the promotion or have already requested to do so, and it now appears as though two exits we were already aware of can be linked back to Ogawa’s departure.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter is now reporting that talent were likely aware of Ogawa’s decision to leave as far back as six months ago, with this being part of the reason why KAIRI decided to make the move back to WWE. Additionally, Giulia is also said to have refused a new deal and agreed to join WWE with a delayed start.

“Ogawa had actually given notice to Bushiroad that he would be leaving in November, and all the talent had been aware for months of this. The main talent knew probably six months ago that he was going to leave and start a new promotion, but kept quiet about it. The next day, Ogawa confirmed he would be starting a new promotion. This was a part of the reason that Kairi did not sign a deal with Stardom and returned to WWE a few months back. She is close with Ogawa and knew he wouldn’t be part of Stardom going forward. It’s also the reason Giulia didn’t sign a new deal with Stardom, and while agreeing to go to WWE, asked to delay her start.”


Regarding Giulia requesting to delay her start with WWE, Meltzer had previously reported last week that the former World of Stardom Champion will be there to help Ogawa get his new promotion off the ground.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the future of STARDOM and Rossy Ogawa’s new promotion as soon as we hear more.

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