STARDOM Cinderella Tournament Day 2 Results & Notes March 10, 2024

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STARDOM held a show in the Korakuen Hall today to continue the annual Cinderella Tournament kicked off, where the winner will receive a “wish” that leads to them challenging for a championship of their choosing, which has been the Wonder of Stardom Championship in recent years. This year 24 Wrestlers are competing to win the second biggest annual tournament in Stardom’s schedule.

The second night kicked off with Aya Sakura’s return match after 8 months, where she and HANAKO lost their match to Mai Sakurai & Sayaka Kurara. Aya looked good in her return and showed some fire. After the match, she requested to join Cosmic Angels and wants to be a regular member before fellow 2023 Rookie Sayaka Kurara.

The four Cinderella tournament matches have all delivered. In the more unspectacular bouts, Mei Seira advanced by defeating Saya Iida in a fun and quick match and Ami Sohrei defeated Yuna Mizumori in a short hoss fight. The biggest upset of the tournament so far was Hanan defeating MIRAI, who has been undefeated in the Cinderella Tournament and won the last two editions of the tournament, in a great match. Hanan showed a ton of underdog spirit and overcame the former Wonder of Stardom Champion to advance to the quarterfinals. The “Young Lioness” will face Starlight Kid there, who defeated Suzu Suzuki by throwing her over the top rope in a really good 13-minute match, with creative wrestling and great sequences.

In the main event of the show, Stephanie Vaquer defeated Giulia to win the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship and ended the 249-day reign of the second Champion. Both had a great match, with a surprising roll-up finish that stunned the Korakuen Hall. After the match, Oedo Tai attacked a crying Giulia, who wanted to hold a promo, and Mai Sakurai, Suzu Suzuki, Mei Seira, and Giulia’s biggest rival Tam Nakano made the save for her. Tam helped to carry out Giulia and challenged her backstage to one final singles match before Giulia leaves the company

The full results of the show are below:

STARDOM Cinderella Tournament Day 2 Results (03/10/24)

  • Sayaka Kurara & Mai Sakurai def. HANAKO & Aya Sakura
  • STARS (Mayu Iwatani, Hazuki, Koguma, Momo Kohgo & Yuzuki) def. Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe, Fukigen Death, Natsuko Tora, Starlight Kid, Ruaka) via disqualification
  • Mei Seira def. Saya Iida to advance in the Cinderella Tournament
  • Ami Sohrei def. Yuna Mizumori to advance in the Cinderella Tournament
  • Hanan def. MIRAI to advance in the Cinderella Tournament
  • Starlight Kid def. Suzu Suzuki to advance in the Cinderella Tournament
  • Cosmic Angels (Natsupoi, Tam Nakano & Saori Anou) def. God’s Eye (Syuri, Saki Kashima & Ranna Yagami)
  • E-neXus-V (Maika, Waka TsukiyaamMina Shirakawa & Xena) def

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