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STARDOM had a rather quiet week as they continued their year-end tour with a couple of shows just 2 1/2 weeks before Queendom. The shows were used to continue building up the already announced matches for Queendom with especially Suzu Suzuki & Maika putting in the work to make their upcoming World of Stardom Championship match mean something.

After the latest preview match between Maika & Suzu Suzuki, Megan Bayne appeared in the ring to challenge Giulia for the NJPW Strong Women’s Championship at Dream Queendom. Giulia accepted the challenge in great English. Their first singles match ended in a Time Limit Draw on a tour show a couple of weeks ago and now they will face off for the Championship to decide a winner.

Another match that was teased was Hanan challenging Mei Seira for the High-Speed Championship, but there was no challenge made. After a time-limit draw between Hazuki & Hanan against Mei Seira & Mina Shirakawa, the High-Speed Champion and Hanan continued to brawl. They had a match at the recent NEW BLOOD West show, which ended in a 15-minute time-limit draw and a decision match at Dream Queendom would be great.

Updated STARDOM Dream Queendom Card:

  • Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani (c) vs Momo Watanabe & Natsuko Tora – Goddess Of Stardom Title
  • Giulia (c) vs Megan Bayne – NJPW Strong Women’s Title
  • MIRAI (c) vs Saori Anou – Wonder Of Stardom Title
  • Maika vs. Suzu Suzuki – World Of Stardom Title (Vacant)

Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling

On Thursday, Yuka Sakazaki had her graduation match in TJPW and is leaving the promotion after being a huge part of the promotion for the past ten years. Sakazaki debuted at one of the first shows of Tokyo Joshi and is one of the most successful Wrestlers in the history of the Joshi company. She won the Princess Of Princess Championship three times and the Princess Tag Team Championships four times in her run with the company.

In her final official match, Yuka defeated Shoko Nakajima & Miyu Yamashita in a three-way match between three of the four Pillars of TJPW. The match was a mix of great wrestling and emotional moments with Yuka scoring the win by hugging Shoko to a three count, while crying. After the match, an impromptu match between Yuka and her long-time Tag Team Partner Mizuki was decided, which ended in a 3 minute time limit draw between the two. The show ended with every Wrestler hugging her, saying “Thank You” to Yuka. It is a great and emotional show that is a must-watch for every Yuka and TJPW fan.



Marvelous held their last Korakuen Hall of the year on December 10th with five matches including Mio Momono facing Tomoko Watanabe with the winner being the first challenger for Mayumi Ozaki and her AAAW Singles Championship and Magenta challenging Takumi Iroha and Chikayo Nagashima in the main event for the AAAW Tag Team Championships.

Tomoka Watanabe faced Mio Momono in the AAAW Title #1 Contendership Tournament Final with the winner challenging Mayumi Ozaki for AAAW Singles Championship on an unknown date. While Tomoko only needed to beat Unagi Sayaka to advance, Mio Momono had a tougher bracket with her defeating Regina di WAVE Champion VENY and Sendai Girls Tag Team Champion Yuu on the same night to fight her way to the final. Everything felt like the best moment to push Momono back to a title match against the one she lost her championship in August, but Tomoko had something against it and picked up the win in 16 minutes.

Chikayo Nagashima & Takumi Iroha defended their AAAW Tag Team Championship against Maria & Riko Kawahata in the main event. The Champions have held the title for 450 days coming into the match, so Magenta were the underdogs, which was the story of the match. After 28 minutes, Riko Kawahata rolled up Iroha to win the Championships for Magenta with the crowd going crazy for the result. It is the first Championship win of Maria and Riko’s career and they will head into 2024 as the top tag team of Marvelous.


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