STARDOM Results & Notes November 28, 2023

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STARDOM returned to the Korakuen Hall today in front of 1117 fans, with the huge headliner of the one-night “Right to challenge” tournament, where the fans will find out, who advances to Dream Queendom to challenge for the vacant World Of Stardom Championship. And on top, the return of Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita in the semi-main event of the show.

Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita made their return after their injuries suffered during the 5STAR Grand Prix in the semi-main event and fought to a 15-minute time limit draw together with AZM against Mei Seira, Suzu Suzuki, and Megan Bayne. After the match, AphroditE called out Megan Bayne and announced that they will face Divine Kingdom on the Nagoya Show on December 2nd with the vacant Goddess Of Stardom Championships on the line.

The most important part of the show was the tournament, where four of the best were fighting for a spot in the main event of Dream Queendom. In the first round, Maika defeated Ami Sohrei in their heated match, while Momo Watanabe defeated Mina Shirakawa in the other first-round match to advance to the final. The two faced off in the main event of the show, with the winner getting a spot in the biggest match of the year in STARDOM. Momo Watanabe won the last two encounters between the two, but this time it went differently, with Maika picking up a huge victory with the Michinoku Driver II and will face the winner of Suzu Suzuki vs. Hazuki on December 2nd in the Main Event of Grand Queendom for the vacant World Of Stardom Championship.

The full results of the show are below.

STARDOM Korakuen Hall Results (11/28/23)

  • Rina def. Yuzuki
  • Fukigen Death def. Hina
  • Saori Anou def. Miyu Amasaki & HANAKO
  • Oedo Tai (Natsuko Tora, Starlight Kid & Ruaka) def. STARS (Hanan, Hazuki & Saya Iida)
  • Momo Watanabe def. Mina Shirakawa in the first round of the “Right to Challenge” One Night Tournament
  • Maika def. Ami Sohrei in the first round of the “Right to Challenge” One Night Tournament
  • Thekla vs. Scandinavian Hurricane ends in a double countout.
  • God’s Eye (Syuri & MIRAI) def. Donna del Mondo (Giulia & Mai Sakurai)
  • Queen’s Quest (AZM, Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita) vs. Mei Seira, Megan Bayne & Suzu Suzuki ends in a 15-minute Time Limit Draw
  • Maika def. Momo Watanabe in the final of the “Right to Challenge” One Night Tournament

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