STARDOM Supreme Fight 2024 Results & Notes February 4, 2024

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STARDOM continues its 2024 with a PPV in Osaka EDION #1 with nine matches. The undercard featured a Future of Stardom Championship match, where Rina defeated Yuzuki with the Pink Devil in the best Future Title match in a while. Yuzuki is just 3 months into her career and already a competent Wrestler. She & Rina killed it here. Tam Nakano’s return match was fun. She looked great out there in her first match back after her knee injury in October.

The High-Speed Championship was also on the line when Mei Seira & Hazuki fought to a 15-minute Time-Limit-Draw. It was a great match with incredible pacing and near falls. Seira was barely surviving and retaining her title for the fourth time. Mei Seira now has her first real roadblock on her way to becoming the ace of the High-Speed division. The Eight Women All Star Tag Team Match delivered with all Eight showing why they are some of the best this promotion has to offer. Suzu & Mayu had a great ending sequence, which ended with Mayu pinning the 2023 5STAR Grand Prix winner with the Moonsault. In the semi-final, Saori Anou defeated Starlight Kid to retain her Wonder of Stardom Championship for the first time. They went all out for 18 minutes, with SLK dominating the majority of the match. Anou fought her way back and hit the Japanese Ocean Suplex to win the match.

In the main event, Maika defeated Saya Kamitani to retain the World of Stardom Championship for the first time with a Hammerlock Michinoku Driver II. Their rivalry goes through both careers in STARDOM with them battling for the Future, Artist, Goddess, Cinderella Tournament, Wonder, and now World of Stardom Championship. Both looked great in this match and picked up the pace at the right time to deliver a great match with the right winner. Unsurprisingly, Maika called out Tam Nakano to challenge her for the World of Stardom Championship. Nakano has never officially lost the Red Belt, after vacating it due to injury. It seems to be the main event for the Yokohama Buntai show in April.

The full results of the show are below:

STARDOM Supreme 2024 Results (02/04/24)

  • Mai Sakurai def. HANAKO, Ranna Yagami & Ruaka
  • STARS (Hanan & Saya Iida) def. God’s Eye (Ami Sohrei & Saki Kashima)
  • Rina (c) def. Yuzuki to retain the Future of Stardom Championship
  • Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe & Natsuko Tora) def. Queen’s Quest (Lady C & Miyu Amasaki)
  • Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano & Yuna Mizumori) def. E-neXus-V (Mina Shirakawa & Waka Tsukiyama)
  • Mei Seira (c) vs. Hazuki ends in a Time Limit Draw
  • Queen’s Quest (AZM & Utami Hayashishita), Nanae Takahashi & Mayu Iwatani def. God’s Eye (MIRAI & Syuri), Giulia & Suzu Suzuki
  • Saori Anou (c) def. Starlight Kid to retain the Wonder of Stardom Championship
  • Maika (c) def. Saya Kamitani to retain the World of Stardom Championship

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