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The Triangle Derby will be decided on March 4th with just four teams being left in the race to be crowned tournament winners. In the first semi-final the winner of the Red Block, 7Upp will face the current Artist Of Stardom Champion, Prominence. The winner of the Blue Block is Abarenbo GE, and they will face the Cosmic Angels in the second semifinal. The winner of each match will face each other later in the night. Every team has a good chance to win the tournament with the momentum being on the Prominence trio that are the reigning Champions and are stepping up when it matters.

Himeka is retiring on April 23rd at Stardom’s All-Star Dream Queendom Show in a match against Maika. Before that happens, Himeka had a few wishes for the rest of her career. One of them was to face Chihiro Hashimoto in a singles match. The Ace of Sendai Girls wanted another match after she destroyed MIRAI at the February 4th Show in Osaka before she moves on to the match we all have been waiting for against Syuri. This match will be exciting since both wrestlers are fantastic powerhouses and neither wants to lose.

AZM is facing the toughest challenge in her High-Speed Title run yet, and it’s against her arch-rival Starlight Kid. The match was supposed to happen in Nagoya but was postponed due to Kitto being ill. The next IWGP Women’s Championship challenger wants to try to defeat her nemesis to tie the defense record of Mayu Iwatani’s legendary High-Speed Title run, while SLK wants to get her title back. This match will pick up from their classic one year ago and won’t underdeliver.

After Saya Kamitani broke the defense record after defeating Momo Watanabe, it was only a matter of time until the challenger steps up, and it was no other than Hazuki who got a shocking pinfall victory over the current White Belt Champion at the latest Korakuen Hall show. Since then, Hazuki and Kamitani had amazing sequences in the Road to Tag Matches with Hazuki being on the winning end in most of the affairs, even pinning Saya again at the latest Showcase show.  The Wild Heart had challenged for the Wonder Of Stardom Title unsuccessfully a couple of times in her career, but it feels like that this time it might be the time when she finally wins singles gold.

The history of the World of Stardom Championship match goes way back. Giulia and Maya Yukihi know each other from Ice Ribbon. Nearly four years ago, Giulia challenged for Maya’s ICExInfinity Title. Back then it wasn’t enough for the current Red Belt Champion to beat Yukihi, but since then she has grown a lot, proved herself against the best of the best, and now can put a blemish of her past behind herself. Yukihi on the other hand has no interest in Stardom and wants to win the belt, so the fans, Giulia and Rossy Ogawa are pissed. This story has an interesting Dynamic and continues that the title run of Giulia, features her getting her past out of her way.


Tokyo Joshi Pro announced the Grand Princess Card at the Ariake Coliseum on March 18. The show will feature 10 matches with all three titles being on the line. Also, Ryo Mizunami makes an appearance to face another young talent in Moka Miyamoto. The former Princess Tag Team Champions Mei Saint-Michel & Sakisama are also returning from one year’s absence when they are facing Kamifuku and the 18-year-old Billie Starkz. The Space Jesus is coming for her second tour in TJPW after her first stint ended with an unsuccessful challenge against Yuka Sakazaki for the Princess Of Princess Championship. Overall, the card looks really fun and will deliver. 

Full Card:
Suzume vs Arisu Endo
Momo, Haru, Toga & Kaya Toribami vs Shino, Mahiro Kiryu, HIMAWARI & Wakana Uehara
Raku, Yuki Aino & Pom Harajuku vs Hikari Noa, Ram Kaicho & Nao Kakuta
Moka Miyamoto vs Ryo Mizunami
Shoko Nakajima & Hyper Misao vs Haruna Neko & Andre the Giant Panda
Sakisama & Mei Saint Michel vs Billie Starkz & Yuki Kamifuku
Aja Kong vs Yuki Arai
Miu Watanabe (c) vs Rika Tatsumi – International Princess Championship
Wasteland War Party (Heidi Howitzer & Max The Impaler) (c) vs 121000000 (Maki Itoh & Miyu Yamashita) – Princess Tag Team Championship
Yuka Sakazaki (c) vs Mizuki – Princess Of Princess Title

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