STARDOM Wrestler In America, Goddess Tag League Continues, WAVE Crowns New No. 1 Contender For Shida| Weekly Joshi Guide

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The biggest Joshi Promotion continued the Goddess Of STARDOM Tag League with three Tag League Matches. Ruaka & Natsuko Tora picked up their first win in this tournament by defeating Hanan & Saya Iida. Hazuki and Koguma, who are considered a favorite to win the Tag League, also won their first tournament match when Koguma pinned Miyu Amasaki to beat Miyu and AZM. Another favorite team in Utami Hayashishita & Saya Kamitani also won their first tournament match by defeating the Oedo Tai duo Saki Kashima and Fukigen Death Also, Mayu Iwatani, Waka Tsukiyama and Mina Shirakawa were in New York as part of an NJPW Show. Waka and Mina lost to Kylie Rae and Tiara James, while Mayu defended her SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title against KiLynn King in a fun match.

On Thursday, the next big STARDOM PPV is happening with four titles on the line. NEO Stardom Army’s Alpha Female is challenging Mayu Iwatani for her SWA Title shortly before Mayu faces KAIRI. The former Champion Momo Watanabe and Starlight Kid try to regain their Goddesses Of STARDOM Title against the reigning Champions Natsupoi and Tam Nakano. After defeating Saya Kamitani in the 5STAR GP Mina Shirakawa challenges for the Wonder Of STARDOM Championship and in the Main Event, Maika has her 3rd chance to capture the World Of STARDOM Title from her former Donna del Mondo Stable Mate and the PWI Women’s 150 Winner Syuri.

Full Card for the November 3rd Show
Himeka vs Yuna Mizumori
Donna del Mondo (Giulia & Thekla & Mai Sakurai) vs God’s Eye (Konami & MIRAI & Ami Sourei)
STARS (Hazuki & Koguma) vs STARS (Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo) vs Queen’s Quest (AZM & Miyu Amasaki) vs Oedo Tai (Saki Kashima & Ruaka) vs Lady C & Waka Tsukiyama
Natsuko Tora vs Utami Hayashishita
Mayu Iwatani (c) vs Alpha Female – SWA Undisputed World Women’s Title
Cosmic Angels (Tam Nakano & Natsupoi) (c) vs Oedo Tai (Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid) – Goddesses Of STARDOM Title
Saya Kamitani (c) vs Mina Shirakawa – Wonder Of STARDOM Title
Syuri (c) vs Maika – World Of STARDOM Title

Next Week’s Goddesses Of STARDOM Tag League Matches:
Day 3 on November 5th in Nagoya:
Mayu Iwatani & Momo Kohgo vs Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita
Syuri & Tomoka Inaba vs Giulia & Thekla
Hazuki & Koguma vs Mina Shirakawa & SAKI
Nanae Takahashi & Yuu vs MIRAI & Ami Sourei

Day 4 on November 6th in Mie:
Mayu Iwatani & Momo Kohgo vs Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid
Giulia & Thekla vs Mai Sakurai & Lady C
Syuri & Tomoka Inaba vs Tam Nakano & Natsupoi
Hazuki & Koguma vs Natsuko Tora & Ruaka

Official Goddesses Of STARDOM Tag League Standings following Day 1:

2 – Fukigen Death & Saki Kashima (1-1-0)
2 – Giulia & Thekla (1-0-0)
2 – Saya Kamitani & Utami Hayashishita (1-0-0)
1 – Momo Watanabe & Starlight Kid (0-0-1)
1 – Syuri & Tomoka Inaba (0-0-1)
0 – Mayu Iwatani & Momo Kohgo (0-0-0)
0 – Lady C & Mai Sakurai (0-1-0)
0 – Natsupoi & Tam Nakano (0-1-0)

2 – Himeka & Maika (1-0-0)
2 – Mina Shirakawa & SAKI (1-0-0)
2 – Nanae Takahashi & Yuu (1-0-0)
2 – AZM & Miyu Amasaki (1-1-0)
2 – Hazuki & Koguma (1-1-0)
2 – Natsuko Tora & Ruaka (1-1-0)
0 – Ami Sourei & MIRAI (0-1-0)
0 – Hanan & Saya Iida (0-2-0)


TJPW held their Osaka Show on Saturday, which was main evented by an International Princess Title Match. Miu Watanabe defended her belt in a great match against Moka Miyamoto, who is one of TJPWs least experienced Wrestlers. It was the biggest match of Moka’s career and had a great performance but in the end, came short after Miu hit the Tear Drop for the three count. After receiving the “All Elite” Graphic, Willow Nightingale made her Japan debut, teaming with Yuka Sakazaki against Maki Itoh and Yuki Kamifuku. Willow fit in perfectly from the very moment and had a fun performance. Willow won the match by pinning Yuki Kamifuku with the Doctor Bomb. It was also announced that Yuka Sakazaki will make her first defense of her Princess Of Princess Title against a Wrestler from the United States that will make her Japan debut. It is yet to be revealed who Yuka will face.

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Match Recommendation:
Miu Watanabe (c) vs Moka Miyamoto (29/10/2022)


On October 24th WAVE had a Korakuen Hall Show with only one match. A Battle Royal to find out the next No. 1 contender for the Regina di WAVE Championship, which is held by Hikaru Shida. 35 Wrestlers from different companies took part in this massive match. In the end, only Risa Sera and WAVE’s own Yuki Miyazaki were left, with the Miyazaki pinning Risa Sera to win the match. The Title Match between Shida and Miyazaki will happen on November 6th.

Performer Of The Week

There is no one better to represent STARDOM in the United States than the Icon Of STARDOM herself. Mayu came to the US for one match only and had a great performance against King. She was motivated, showed out and got the crowd on her side from the very beginning and all that in a difficult card position after a great match from Suzuki and Clark. Her performance in this match wasn’t the best because it was good, but rather because it was an important performance. A performance that represented what STARDOM stands for on a platform where a lot of people never saw her or the promotion.

Match Of The Week

Miu Watanabe’s International Princess Title defense against Moka Miyamoto is this week’s Match of the Week. Miu is on a great run right now with having banger matches after banger matches, and that didn’t stop here against Moka. It was the biggest match of the young career of Moka and she showed out well here. A great performance by her that makes you want to see more of her and showed that she belongs in spots like this. A great start to hopefully a long reign of Miu Watanabe.

*** 3/4

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