The Young Bucks Talk Showing All In Footage, Jack Perry Potential And FTR Match

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The Young Bucks have discussed the recent airing of the All In backstage altercation, Jack Perry as a “breakout star” and their upcoming Dynasty match.

The Young Bucks are seemingly always making headlines, but, most recently, their Dynamite segment got fans talking in when they showed the backstage footage from the altercation at Wembley Stadium between Jack Perry and CM Punk. They linked this to their AEW World Tag Team Championship match with FTR that same night and how the incident threw them off their game, and now they’re just days away from mixing it up with Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler once more.

Speaking with Sports Illustrated, Matt and Nick Jackson first addressed the decision to air the altercation on Dynamite last week, once again tying it into their later clash at Wembley.

“Since we are wrestling FTR at Dynasty, and with it being the first time doing that since All In London, so many feelings and thoughts came rushing back. Old wounds were reopened. We decided it was only fair to be transparent and honest with our fans. We needed to give them context about why we feel we came up short at All In London. Our bodies were there in the ring wrestling FTR at Wembley, but our minds were in the back with the scapegoat in the entire situation, Jack Perry. The three of us specifically were wronged that night, and I haven’t gotten over that.”

-Matt Jackson

Then, Nick was asked whether the pair had any regret about airing the All In backstage footage, to which he explained that they carried out the task given to them and said that they have “zero regret”.

“As EVPs, we were given a task for that week by the boss and we did it to the best of our abilities. Zero regret.”

-Nick Jackson

Nick then spoke specifically on Perry, to say that he has been the next ‘breakout star’ in wrestling for a while, with the backstage altercation acting as the controversy needed to open people’s eyes to the 26-year-old.

“He’s been the next breakout star for a while now and he just needed something controversial to happen to him to open people’s eyes. It happened with us early on in our careers, too.”

-Nick Jackson

Matt talked about how Jack Perry was one of his gets when it came to signing him to AEW, explaining that he first became aware of the man formerly known as ‘Jungle Boy’ when he was nine years old.

“Jack Perry was one of my original AEW hires. I saw a video clip of him on the indies, and then I went and watched everything I could find. Years prior, I’d heard stories about a nine-year-old boy being brought to wrestling training in Southern California by his celebrity dad Luke Perry. I wondered, whatever happened to that kid? Apparently, he’d been working hard and turning into a heck of a talent. I watched the videos and thought, ‘Whoa. Young, handsome SoCal kid with a great head of hair. Seems misunderstood. Has tons of confidence. He reminds me a lot of me and Nicholas at his age. Coming back from Japan, Jack Perry now has that edge and swagger. And coming off all of this BS he’s been dealing with, he has a chip on his shoulder. He’s a dangerous cat right now and is about to blow up.”

-Matt Jackson

This Sunday, the Bucks are set to collide with FTR in a ladder match over the vacant AEW World Tag Team Championships, although this doesn’t seem to scare Matt Jackson, who explained that they’ve become accustomed to ladder matches and are well aware that Dynasty could be one of their last times experiencing the stipulation.

“The Young Bucks and ladders are a match made in heaven. We’ve been climbing up and down ladders since we were little kids, helping our dad paint houses and install roofs. And we have absolutely zero fear of heights. How can we be afraid of falling when we are the ones purposely jumping off? This particular ladder match is a big one for us. We’re self-aware enough to realize that this is probably one of our last ones. Every time you do one of these, you’re shortening your career, and our days are numbered already either way. We’re also in a must-win situation. Our last title run ended prematurely. We’ve got to get these belts and go on a wild run to make up for last time.”

-Matt Jackson

He went on to talk about their recent character change and how the team embraced the challenge. Matt acknowledges that they’ve started from scratch recently and that this could pose a threat to FTR when it comes down to the title match this weekend.

“Oftentimes, it’s easy to just play the songs everyone knows the lyrics to. But we enjoy testing ourselves, which is a big reason we decided to strip away nearly everything from our old ways and start from scratch. Could we adapt? Could we make this new thing work? It’s a challenge. FTR hasn’t faced this version of Young Bucks, so it’s immediately going to be different and feel different. Not to mention, we’ve got ladders to play with this go-around. Ladder matches over the years have been one of our staples, and nobody does them quite like us. Fun fact–last time we won the tag titles, it was during a ladder match that also took place in St. Louis [against Jurassic Express in June of 2022]. Can we do it again? Lord knows the tag team division needs us to strap it onto our backs and carry it back to prominence. So, if I’m a fan, my fingers are crossed.”

-Matt Jackson

Speaking broadly about Dynasty, Matt wanted to raise expectations, saying that no one delivers high-quality pay-per-views like All Elite Wrestling.

“Expect us to put on a show. Nobody does pay-per-view like AEW. Expect big surprises. No other tag team in history consistently performs in big title matches like us. And expect us to start our historic third tag team title run, the one that’ll go down as the greatest of our career.”

-Matt Jackson

To close, Nick also emphasised how Dynasty could be a very important show for AEW, saying that their aided by the most talented roster in history.

“We have the most talented roster in wrestling history, thanks to Tony and your EVPs, and we try to top every pay-per-view with an even better one. Dynasty will go down in history as one of the best pay-per-view events in wrestling history.”

-Nick Jackson

On top of the ladder match between The Bucks and FTR, Dynasty looks set to be a stacked event, with Samoa Joe defending the AEW World Championship against Swerve Strickland and the dream match between Bryan Danielson and Will Ospreay the notable standouts among a strong lineup.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on The Young Bucks ahead of AEW Dynasty as soon as we hear more.

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