Tony Khan Reveals Excitement Over Future Of AEW Following Warner Bros. Discovery Merger

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The multi-billion dollar merger between WarnerMedia and Discovery earlier this year casted doubt in the mind of many fans over AEW’s future on TBS and TNT, with Discovery’s reception to having pro-wrestling on their television networks unknown at the time.

These fears have now been quashed however, as AEW President Tony Khan met with Warner Bros Discovery this past Thursday and feels very good about the future of AEW following the meeting.

Speaking at last night’s Double or Nothing post-show media scrum, Khan revealed his excitement regarding the future of AEW on Warner Bros. Discovery, with the value AEW’s presence on TBS and TNT clear for Discovery to see.

“That is a really exciting time for us and a really exciting thing. I went to LA and met with the new management of the company, headed out there, and it was the most exciting and exhilarating meeting I’ve had in my life and I’ve never felt better about the future of the company and more safe about what’s happening here. I feel really good about Warner Brothers Discovery, to have such strong management. Nancy Daniels, such a strong leader, she was really cool. I flew out to LA and back to meet Nancy Daniels, along with her team. It was some familiar faces and also new faces. It was really exciting. It was my first time at Discovery. What a great thing we have. This is for the future of everyone who works here, and the fans, it’s really important. Now, Discovery sees too how important it is to wrestling fans to have wrestling on TBS and TNT because it was gone for too long and now it’s back. It means a lot to a lot of people. We have such great management there and they asked such great questions. It was really encouraging. I know there are so many things we can partner on. I’m really grateful for that,”

-Tony Khan

AEW are set to return to Los Angeles on June 1st at The Forum for the first time since the company’s inception, with Khan previously revealing that Warner Bros. Discovery will be hosting a party for AEW following that Wednesday’s edition of Dynamite.

Following the merger HBO Max and Discovery+ are expected to become one streaming service, with Tony Khan stating multiple times in the past that he hopes for Ring of Honor to find its new home their, with an impressive catalogue of content waiting to be made accessible.

H/T to Fightful for the transcription.

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