William Regal Explains Why he hates the term “Mark”

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William Regal hates the term “Mark”

William Regal is well known as a polite and kind man. Now we also know he hates “derogatory” terms like “Mark” and will never use them. While talking on Talk is Jericho, the former NXT General Manager, now a manager of a Bryan Danielson/Jon Moxley tag team in AEW told on why he never used the term “Mark”

“I’ve never ever used the term ‘Mark’. I hate that term. I think it’s a nasty, horrible, derogatory term to call somebody who is willing to give you their time.

Money and whatever with this job, what you should think about is people are willing to give you their precious time to watch you do your thing. You should never look down on them, because if you do you’ll stay at that level I think. You wont try to better your craft I think, you get to a certain point “Ah! whats it matter, its only…” If you play, right, Or you’ve been to 1000 concerts, and I did when I was young, some of the same bands, they’re still about…But would you like to spend your hard earned money to go to see a band thinking that they were looking down on you thinking “look at these idiots”? Well that’s what a ‘mark’ is and so when wrestlers talk like that, I have never talked liked that.”

– William Regal

Regal debuted in AEW earlier this month at the AEW Revolution PPV and fans can expect to see him a lot more as he is managing the tag team of Moxley & Danielson as previously mentioned.

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