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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of NXT on April 12th 2022.

Cameron Grimes (c) defeated Solo Sikoa (North American Championship):

Towards the end of the match, Trick Williams distracted Sikoa and Sikoa hit him with a splash from the apron to the outside. When Sikoa got back in the ring, Grimes hit his finisher.

After the match Carmelo Hayes attacked Grimes from behind. Solo Sikoa attempted to make a save but Trick William then attacked Sikoa from behind. Hayes & Williams then got beat Grimes down and Hayes held up the title.

Backstage With Grayson Waller & Sangha:

Waller cuts a promo about how he and Sangha are going to win the NXT Tag Title Gauntlet later tonight.

Creed Brothers Promo:

The Creed Brothers & Malcolm Bivens cut a promo about how theyre going to win the tag team title gauntlet.

Bron Breakker In-Ring Promo:

Breakker says that Joe Gacy has his attention now. He says Rick Steiner (his father that was kidnapped by Gacy & Harland last week) is home now. Breakker then calls Gacy.

Gacy then appears on titantron and brags about how he kidnapped Rick Steiner & shows that he has stolen Rick Steiners Hall Of Fame Ring. He then throws the ring on a fire.

Toxic Attraction Locker Room Promo:

Toxic Attraction brag about how Jacy Jane & Gigi Dolin won the tag team titles back last week. Mandy Rose then cuts a promo on how shes going to beat Dakota Kai later.

Backstage With Jacket Time:

Kushida is preparing for his match, then Von Wagner comes from out of nowhere and attacks Jacket Time and lays them out. Robert Stone then says there will be no match.

Bron Breakker Leaves Venue:

Bron is seen stressing about what happened earlier, he then leaves into the carpark. Bron says he has nothing to say and gets in his car and leaves.

Von Wagner defeated Ikemen Jiro:

Before the match, Robert Stone cuts a promo bragging about Wagner attacking Jacket Time. But then Jiro makes his entrance whilst clearing selling the attack from earlier. Jiro & Wagner then brawl before the match starts.

Robert Stone distracted Jiro leading to the finish. After the match Caldwell is seen watching from the crowd looking impressed, she then points at Jiro signalling for an attack. Wagner then throws Jiro from the ring into the crowd.

Interview With Nikkita Lyons:

Lyons is putting herself over, but then Lash Legend appears out of nowhere and boots Lyons out of her chair and derails the whole thing.

Pretty Deadly Promo:

Pretty Deadly cut a promo on the Creed Brothers and how they are going to win the tag team title gauntlet later.

Mandy Rose (c) defeated Dakota Kai (NXT Womens Championship):

Gigi Dolin distracted the referee & Jacy Jane distracted Dakota Kai leading to the finish. After the match Wendy Choo attacked Toxic Attraction with a water gun.

Joe Gacy Promo:

Joe Gacy takes Rick Steiner’s Hall Of Fame out of the fire he threw it in, and he then put it on his finger.

Backstage With Tony D’Angelo & Santos Escobar:


Cora Jade In Ring Promo:

Cora Jade cuts a promo about being proud of her efforts over WrestleMania Weekend, but recognises how she didn’t achieve her goal of winning the NXT womens title. She says she now knows she needs to become NXT womens champion. Jade talks about how its always been a goal of hers to win a title, she then lists women shes looked up to like Sasha Banks, AJ Lee etc.

Natalya then makes her entrance. Natalya talks about how the building brings back so many memories for her, she then introduces herself. Cora Jade then starts to lose her mind as a huge fan of Natalya’s, she talks about how she remembers seeing Natalya point at her during a live event and the two DM’d and how it inspired her etc. Natalya says shes so happy that she could inspire her and she pointed at the right girl that time. Natalya & Jade are both emotional and Natalya tells Jade she has a lot ahead in here future, but the future is bleak. Natalya then slaps Jade and attacks her, putting her in a sharpshooter.

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen Promo

Jensen, Briggs & Fallon Henley are all getting fired up about how Briggs & Jensen are going to win the tag title gauntlet later.

Xyon Quinn defeated Draco Anthony:

Backstage With Natalya:

Natalya walks past a bunch of womens talent and tells them that they’ve all been put on notice.

Locker Room With Indu Hartwell, Dexter Lumis, Duke Hudson & Persia Pirotta:

Indi & Persia convince Duke & Dexter to team up together.

Pretty Deadly Won The Tag Team Gauntlet For The Vacant NXT Tag Team Championships:

  • Creed Brothers defeated Legado Del Fantasma: Brutus pinned Joaquin Wilde.
  • Creed Brothers defeated Briggs & Jensen: Brutus pinned Brooks Jensen
  • Creed Brothers defeated Grayson Waller & Sangha: Julius pinned Sangha
  • Pretty Deadly defeated Creed Brothers: Elton Prince pinned Brutus Creed

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