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Welcome to WrestlePurists’ Coverage of the December 5th Episode of WWE NXT

We are shown footage from the performance center where Roxanne Perez and Kiana James are fighting one another as trainers rush to break the two apart.

Women’s Last Chance Iron Survivor Challenge Qualifying Match: Fallon Henley Defeats Roxanne Perez, Thea Hail & Kiana James

Fallon Henley pins Thea Hail and wins the final qualifying spot in the Iron Survivor Challenge.

Kelly Kincaid interviews NXT Women’s Champion, Lyra Valkyria. She is quickly interrupted by Lola Vice & Elektra Lopez. Lola says she can cash in her contract at anytime she wants. Lyra says that she is always ready for a match. Tatum Paxley shows up and challenges Lola.

Wes Lee In Ring Promo

We first see Wes Lee backstage who is revealed to be on crutches. When we return from commercial he is in the ring. Lee tells the crowd he was looking forward to beating Dominik Mysterio at Deadline and winning the North American Championship. He cuts a tearful, passionate promo and tells the crowd that he he needs surgery and that he isn’t sure when they will see him again. He says it isn’t a goodbye and that he is far from being done. Out comes Dirty Dom. Dom says his back hurts too from carrying the WWE for the last two years. Dom is happy to have Saturday night off since Lee won’t be at Deadline. But Lee tells him that he will still have a match. We then see Rey Mysterio Jr on the titantron, who tells Dom that he will be defending his title against Dragon Lee. Dragon Lee then enters the ring and starts beating up Dom. Dom slides out of the ring.

We then see Kiana James getting helped by medical staff. Roxanne Perez arrives and the two begin fighting again. They are pulled apart by referees as Ava Raine tells them that she will get a match made between the two of them, official for Deadline.

We are shown the competitors for the upcoming Men’s Breakout Tournament. They are: Riley Osbourne, Keanu Carver, Tavion Heights, Dion Lennox, Luca Crusifino, Myles Borne, Trey Bearhill and Oba Femi.

Lola Vice Defeats Tatum Paxley

This was a solid showing from Lola Vice who wins this match with a roundhouse kick.

We are shown footage from last week with Nathan Frazer and Axiom talking in the locker room. Axiom tells Frazer that he was asking for a beating from Ilja Dragunov. After a heated exchange, the two agree that beating each other up is the next best course of action.

After a commercial Kelly Kincaid interviews Baron Corbin in the parking lot. Baron says he has Ilja Dragunov right where he wants him and that he will be taking his NXT Championship on Saturday night.

We also see NXT Anonymous footage showing Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes somewhere off location. After Trick Williams leaves, Melo checks his phone, maybe texts someone. Not exactly sure but he would exit shortly after.

6 Person Tag Match: Alpha Academy Defeats Meta Four

This was a fun match. Lash Legend body slammed Otis. I repeat, Lash Legend body slammed Otis. A truly crazy moment. Chad Gable counters a Noam Dar superkick into the ankle lock and Dar is forced to tap.

Footage from earlier this week shows Gallus walking through a pub when they run into Hank Walker and Tank Ledger. Tank gives the Gallus Boys each a beer and the two teams talk shop. Hank and Tank want to face Gallus next week. Gallus balks at first, but after a little trash talk from Tank, Gallus agree to the match.

We see Ava Raine leave Shawn Michaels’ office. She announces that Kiana James and Roxanne Perez will face each other in a Steel Cage Match at Deadline

Women’s Iron Survivor Challenge Competitor Interview

Byron Saxton introduces all five women competing in the Iron Survivor Challenge at Deadline. Each is allowed an opportunity to speak and tell the NXT Universe why they believe they will be the one winning Saturday. They take turns talking smack until a brawl breaks out. 

Axiom vs Nathan Frazer

This match doesn’t get very far as the women’s brawl has made its way back down into the ring. The match ends in a draw as the officials come down to break things up. Nikita Lyons returns and knocks out Blair Davenport with a big kick to the face.

Chase U Segment

Andre Chase admits that he was responsible for the universities financial collapse. He also announces that financial aid is no longer available to students and that he owes hundreds of thousands of dollars.  He says he is unable to pay back the loans. The frustrated students begin offering ideas on how to raise the money. Andre believes that they will be able to save the university together.

Backstage, Trick Williams confronts Carmelo Hayes over the footage from NXT Anonymous. Carmelo Hayes tells him that they will talk about it after the men’s Last Chance match.

Lexis King is shown. He calls Carmelo Hayes his friend. He says that he knows Melo doesn’t miss and now Melo knows that Lexis King doesn’t miss. He says that when you are a star the camera finds you, just like it found Carmelo Hayes. He says he won’t interfere tonight like everyone has been saying he would.

Eddy Thorpe is interviewed by Kelly Kincaid. His ribs are taped up and he doesn’t look to be in the best of shape. However he is amped and ready for the match.

Men’s Last Chance Iron Survivor Qualifying Match: Tyler Bate  Defeats Joe Coffey, Carmelo Hayes & Eddy Thorpe

Eddy Thorpe takes a spinebuster on the ring steps that sees him tended to by medical, essentially turning this into a triple threat match. Shortly after, Tyler Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 on Joe Coffey and wins the match by pinfall. Bate is the last man in the Iron Survivor Challenge. Bate starts to cut a promo after the match by Dijak comes out to interrupt. On his way to the ring he attacks Eddy Thorpe again. Dijak tells Bate that he doesn’t have a chance on Saturday. This brings out Bron Breakker. Bron says that the two of them have no idea what they have coming on Saturday. Josh Briggs then interrupts Bron and says that he knows they are all underestimating him and he likes it that way. He is betting on himself and says he is shocking the world at Deadline. Out comes Trick Williams who says he is coming to whoop everyone. A brawl breaks out between all five men in the middle of the ring. Every official in NXT comes down to try to separate them.

After a commercial we see Carmelo Hayes talking to Ava Raine. After Ava tells Hayes she will take care of it, she leaves and Trick Williams approaches Melo. Trick asks Melo if he texted Lexis King to have him jump him. Melo says no. They talk about Deadline. Trick says that on Saturday, Melo opens the show and Trick closes it. Melo sneers, he doesn’t seem to impressed.

Ilja Dragunov/Baron Corbin Face to Face

The two are sitting but immediately Ilja stands up and kicks over his chair. Ilja says that Baron has made this match personal. He brings up his son and his he makes sacrifices for his son and Baron will pay for talking about him. Baron keeps pressing about Ilja being away from his son. He then brings up Ilja’s father doing the same thing which gets Ilja fired up. Ilja says he is trying to contain himself so he doesn’t ruin the chance for the title match on Saturday. He calls Baron a materialistic son of a bitch. Baron says that he has been a prominent figure on WWE television for over 8 years and he is going to take what is his. He says that he knows Ilja misses his son and tells him to do something about Baron talking about his family. He dares Ilja to attack him right now. Baron says that on Saturday he is taking the only reason Ilja is still here. Ilja suddenly hugs Baron and into his ear says the only one that can defeat the dragon is himself. Baron looks a little scared here. This was a fantastic segment. Best of the night. Ilja and Baron are cooking.

Suddenly down the ramp come the competitors in the men’s Iron Survivor Challenge match, still brawling until the show ends.

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