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Global Heritage Invitational Finals: Butch Defeats Joe Coffey

This was an excellent match and a fantastic way to kickoff the show. Another hard hitting and explosive battle that has become a staple of the brand. Butch wins the tournament and the right to face Noam Dar at No Mercy for the NXT Heritage Cup Championship.

Mackenzie Mitchell interviews Dirty Dom Mysterio. Dom says he is happy to have this Saturday off but finds out that he will be facing the winner of tonight’s triple threat between Axiom, Tyler Bate and Dragon Lee at No Mercy. Dom is not impressed with the news.

Tony D’Angelo and Channing Lorenzo Dinner Segment

Tony D and Stacks are awaiting dinner to be served when Angel Garza and Humberto Carillo of Los Latharios arrive. The two sit down and Humberto thanks them for the invite but makes it clear they are looking for the NXT Tag Team titles. I really enjoy everything “the family” is doing right now. These guys are just fantastic performers.

Trick Williams Defeats Joe Gacy

This was a very quick match. Trick Williams wins by pinfall after catching Gacy with a knee strike.

After the match Trick is interviewed in the ring. He says it feels good to get the win. He then predicts a victory for Carmelo Hayes over Ilja Dragunov. He says that while Melo holds his championship, it is time that he gets one for himself.

We then head backstage for an interview with Blair Davenport. Blair calls out Gigi Dolin. She calls her pathetic and says when she attacks people, they don’t get back up and that she’s about to find that out tonight.

We return from commercial with Andre Chase and Duke Hudson walking backstage when they run into Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail. Thea is wearing her new outfit and showing off her new look.  Andre wants to comment but Duke cuts him off. Thea walks off and Jacy follows.

Baron Corbin Defeats Josh Briggs

Another short match, this time Baron Corbin makes quick work of Josh Briggs. Baron by pinfall.

After the match, Corbin calls out Bron Breakker. This prompts Bron to come down to the ring. Bron throws the first punch and the two brawl until they are pulled apart by security.

We return from commercial to Trick Williams walking into Shawn Michaels’ office.

We then see a video package showcasing the current Tiffany Stratton/Becky Lynch feud. We see highlights of Stratton calling out Lynch, Lynch responding and the events that followed.

Lucienne Price & Bronco Nima Defeat Hank Walker & Tank Ledger

This was another match that was short and sweet. Price and Nima score a victory via pinfall.

Backstage we see Gigi Dolin getting ready in the locker room. Suddenly the lights go out and she is attacked. When the lights come on, Blair Davenport is revealed as the attacker.

We then catch up with dinner with the family and Los Latharios. The two teams seem to be getting along when Diamond Mine arrive.  They say they have come to talk business.

In the locker room we see Axiom and Tyler Bates discussing tonight’s match and it’s ensuing opportunity. Suddenly, Trick Williams walks up and tells them that tonight’s triple threat is now a fatal four way match!

Strap Match: Eddy Thorpe Defeats Dijak

This was a physical matchup, just as you would expect from a strap match. Thorpe wins by pinfall.

After the match, a bloody Dijak attacks Thorpe. He locks him upside down in the ropes, facing the crowd and beats him with the strap him right in front of his family who were sitting first row. Eventually he is stopped by officials.

Thea Hail Defeats Dani Palmer

Thea wins via the kimura lock.

After the match, Duke Hudson and Andre Chase look on, disappointed with what Thea has become. Jacy Jayne blows them a kiss from the center of the ring.

In the locker room, Trick Williams and Carmelo Hayes are hanging out. Trick is telling Carmelo about how he made quick work of Joe Gacy and that he’s about to win a shot at the title at No Mercy but Melo is distracted by his phone. He apologizes but Trick is clearly agitated. He heads off to the ring for the fatal four way match.

In a garage area, Baron Corbin is approached for an interview. Before they can begin, Bron Breakker shows up and attacks Corbin again. The two brawl until they are pulled apart by security once again.

NXT North American Championship Number One Contender’s Fatal Four Way Match: Trick Williams Defeats Dragon Lee, Axiom and Tyler Bate

This was a chaotic match that featured a little bit of everything and was a whole lot of fun. Some crazy spots throughout including a pretty wild display of strength from Tyler Bate. Some really stiff work in this one and just insane athleticism from all four men. Trick Williams wins via pinfall.

We resume dinner with the family. This time it’s Lucienne Price and Bronco Nima with Scrypts. They say they aren’t here to break bread. The three teams begin to state their case for why they deserve a shot at the tag titles. After some threats, Tony D says that all 3 will get a shot at No Mercy in a fatal four way tag team match.

Dominik Mysterio is being interviewed. He says he runs NXT and that he is going to destroy Trick Williams at No Mercy just like he destroyed Dragon Lee. He is then suddenly super kicked by Dragon Lee. Officials come break things up.

We then see Carmelo Hayes heading to the ring. He catches up with Trick Williams. The two shake hands.

NXT Championship Match Contract Signing

Carmelo says there is nothing left to talk about after what happened last week. Ilja says that Melo is the wrong person for the NXT Championship. Melo says that he will beat Ilja at No Mercy. Ilja says that Melo struggles with his confidence. He says he will feel unbearable pain at No Mercy. Melo says that being the NXT Championship means being undeniable, that it means to be him. He then slips and says he isn’t Trick. Ilja laughs. He then stands up and signs the contract. He says that Melo will do nothing because he can do nothing. He then says Long Love The Czar. Melo signs the contract and the two go face to face. Melo says the NXT title is bigger than them. He says that Ilja couldn’t be a better champion than he can.

We then get news for No Mercy. Dragon Lee will be the special referee in the North American Title match.

Another brawl between Baron and Bron, this time in the parking lot. Bron tries to spear Baron but Baron moves and Bron spears an open car door. Brutal. The two end up on top of the car with Bron trying to choke Baron out. The brawl keeps going back inside the building. Suddenly they break the wall down into Shawn Michaels’ office. An absolutely bonkers scene.

Final Thoughts

A pretty solid go home show. Plenty of action and that opener was really something. We are getting an absolutely loaded card at No Mercy. It should be a great night of wrestling.

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