WWE Reportedly Ditch ‘Banger Bros’ Name After Finding Out About “Bang Bros”

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Sheamus and Drew McIntyre have been pivotal to each other’s time in WWE in recent months. The pair have had classic matches together as rivals and put their differences aside to team up. In particular, Sheamus has had a career renaissance as of late, often stating that he has ‘banger after banger’ matches which initially led to the Irishman’s team with McIntyre being labelled ‘The Banger Bros’.

Though, understandably, this caused quite the stir online. A large portion of portion of fans had noticed the similarity between the team name and an adult website which became a joke that McIntyre and Sheamus even leaned into on Twitter. Hilariously, it seems as if the company were not aware of the awkward name clash themselves, with it written in the Wrestling Observer that WWE have dropped the tag team name upon finding out about the explicit namesake.

“WWE has dropped the name The Banger Bros for Sheamus & McIntyre after finding out about the porno company called The Bang Bros”


Fans who found the joke funny will be disappointed to see that the name will no longer be used, however, it’s obvious to see why the company wouldn’t want to advertise a name which could unintentionally lead viewers to explicit content.

As for McIntyre and Sheamus, the pair advanced in the SmackDown Tag Team Contenders Tournament last week by beating The Viking Raiders and will now face Hit Row in the next round.

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