WWE Reportedly Planning To Add Three Matches To WrestleMania 40

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The card for WrestleMania 40 is almost complete.

With Night 1 of WrestleMania 40 in Philadelphia just 8 days away, the card for both nights of WWE’s biggest event of the year are seemingly close to completion, although according to the latest reports, some late editions could still be in store.

In this week’s edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer revealed that WWE are still looking to add three matches to the card, adding that an earlier star time is set to provide each match with enough time to be the best it can be.

“With ten matches, that means we still have a few matches to be added. Right now there are three to be added, with 13 as the current total with seven on one night six on the other the most recent plan. Because of that and the 7 p.m. start, the story is that every match will have ample time to be the best it can be at least as it’s laid out on paper.”


Delving deeper into the possible inclusions, Meltzer added that whilst there are no plans for the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal to feature on the show, it could find a spot on next week’s SmackDown as has recently been the case.

Additionally, Meltzer also noted that the matches WWE are looking to add to this year’s WrestleMania card are all on the SmackDown side of things, and thus tonight’s episode could provide us with a major indicator of what’s to come.

“There is a lineup for both nights but at this point it is still very confidential. At this point there is no Andre the Giant Battle Royal planned for Mania, but it could be on Smackdown like it has been in the past. Dominik Mysterio getting involved in Rey’s match on 3/22, did feel like the start of an angle and Rey and Dominik in some form are currently planned to work in a match but it’s not clear how many others are involved. All three new matches are said to be from the Smackdown side. I’d expect the angles for all three to be at least teased if not finalized on 3/29, but they could save announcements until later in the week.”


Regarding those potential additional matches, Meltzer revealed that whilst there are no plans currently for a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship defence, Damage CTRL are planned for the show.

Furthermore, a match involving Legado del Fantasma and the LWO could be another possibility depending on the status of Angel & Berto, with this potentially involving Dominik Mysterio.

Finally, a match between Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits and Karrion Kross’ Final Testament could present itself should the Profits fail to qualify for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship match tonight on SmackDown, with the two units having been at eachothers throats for some time now.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the plans for additional matches at WrestleMania 40 as soon as we hear more.

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