WWE Wrestler Reportedly Believes Video Of Maxxine Being Booed Shined A Light On Her Lack Of Experience

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An unnamed WWE wrestler has responded to the debate over whether fans were right to boo Maxxine Dupri.

In recent days, a video from a WWE live event surfaced online in which Maxxine Dupri which showed being booed by the audience as a select few of those in attendance voiced their opinions over how she wasn’t up to scratch to be performing on house shows. This elicited a huge amount of support for Maxxine from many in the WWE locker room, but, per reports, not everyone is of the same opinion.

Per Dave Meltzer in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s believed that one unnamed WWE wrestler has said that fans should have the right to boo as they like as long as it doesn’t become tasteless, agreeing that the video of Dupri highlights the company putting her in front of a live audience without being ready.

“Another wrestler in the company noted to us that the video put more focus on Maxxine’s being put out there on live WWE house shows without being ready. They noted the video shined a light on her being put on shows without the experience one expects for WWE house show performers. Aside from Battle Royals, she has only had ten matches in her entire career. But the star noted fans should have the right to cheer and boo who they want to cheer and boo, and chant as long as you don’t cross a line into being tasteless.”


On TV, Maxxine is a babyface as part of their popular Alpha Academy faction. WWE haven’t hidden her inexperience, but still feature her on Raw as a rookie who is being coached by Chad Gable. She was most recently part of the last chance battle royal on the Monday before Elimination Chamber.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any further updates on the reaction to Maxxine Dupri being booed at a live event as soon as we hear more.

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