A Look At Damian Priest’s Chances Of A Money In The Bank Cash-In At WWE WrestleMania 40

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Money In The Bank is a game.

Every year two of WWE’s many superstars are determined enough to survive a grueling ladder war to claim the contract in the case, which grants them a title match WHENEVER they see fit. The MITB holder lurks in the shadows, strategizing for the perfect option to cement their legacy.

Do they wait for their prey to be at its weakest? Or do they seize an opening and commit a “heist” that will be spoken about until our blood runs cold? The gimmick has led to some of the WWE’s most unforgettable moments, a place in time where ecstasy or heartbreak are just a few simple words away: “I’m cashing in.” IYO SKY got her big moment at SummerSlam 2023, but the men’s winner, Damian Priest, has yet to utter that magnificent little sentence. 

As WrestleMania 40 approaches Priest has his hands full. He and Finn Balor, against their will, must defend their tag team titles in a Six-Pack Ladder Match at the Showcase of the Immortals. For weeks he’s had to outwit the likes of R-Truth, who continues to get the best of the Judgment Day with every bit.

But perhaps Priest is just playing the game. Lurking in the shadows and awaiting for his perfect opportunity to strike. When and where will that happen? Well…maybe next weekend. Let’s take a look at his potential options.

WWE Undisputed Universal Championship:

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No offense to Priest, but this is a fantasy. The mere thought of going after this title would strike fear into the toughest of competitors. Going up against Roman Reigns isn’t just going up against the Tribal Chief…it means the Bloodline will serve as a jagged ice pick in your side. Sure…Priest has Balor, McDonagh, Dom, even Mami on his side, but will that make him feel better when you know Solo, Jimmy, and now The Rock stand on the other? Señor Money In The Bank could always target Cody Rhodes, assuming the American Nightmare “finishes his story.” The thing is, sometimes stories are so powerful that they seem to muscle out anything inferior. There is “no money” in Cody continuing the chase if Priest holds the gold, nor is Priest in the position to be “the guy,” even if it’s for a 24-hour period. The likelihood that this will happen? The same likelihood that the 49ers defense would stop that final Mahomes drive in the Super Bowl.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship:

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A much more likely option for Señor Money In The Bank. The Seth Rollins, Drew McIntyre, and CM Punk hate triangle has dominated the headlines over the last week and added a ton of intrigue to the Visionary’s world title defense against the Scottish Warrior at WrestleMania 40. If this is where he decides to make his move, this time Priest has the numbers on his side. The Judgment Day could easily help him outwit Rollins, who will be EXHAUSTED after going to war with The Rock/Reigns on night one and may use everything he has left to conquer McIntyre on night two. On the other hand, Judgment Day can easily outmuscle McIntyre, especially if he’s gloating in front of CM Punk instead of realizing he now has a target on his back. Priest holding the world title would be a nice step forward for his career, but would WWE pull the trigger on him with a McIntyre/Punk or Rollins/Punk world title feud growing towards SummerSlam?

Both world title options spell bad news for Priest. That’s why my dark horse prediction is that he won’t go for either.

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

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The WWE Intercontinental Championship IS a top prize again in WWE. GUNTHER has chopped, powerbomb’d, and decapitated every challenger in his path since the summer of 2022. He’s headlined television multiple times as champion, been the CLEAR standout match on PLEs, and has carried that title for a RECORD-BREAKING amount of time. What better way for Priest to ascend his way up the card than by dethroning history? This title is not beneath the option. A year ago we saw Theory fail at cashing-in for the U.S. title, a decision that led to his Triple H rebuild following his run as Vince’s new pet project. The cash-in was rightfully criticized because the U.S. title was perhaps the sixth most important title just by WWE standards. But the I.C. title in 2024? The Ring General GUNTHER? This is a main event act, and the I.C. belt a main event title. Not only that…Priest cashing-in at Mania gives GUNTHER a new direction, and he might not even have to be the one who takes the L. It sparks a more violent and untrustworthy GUNTHER, who can now feud for a bigger prize.  Perhaps a bigger prize that a certain American Nightmare is about to win? This also isn’t out of the blue. GUNTHER and Imperium have been feuding with the Judgment Day in plain sight. Will it be a determined babyface underdog like Sami Zayn or Chad Gable that end history? That story has been told. It’s time for a strong, powerful, no good son of a bitch with a soul as dark as night like Priest to etch his name in the books.

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