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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of AEW Dynamite for April 27th 2022!

Dax Harwood defeats Cash Wheeler to qualify for the Owen Hart Tournament

Promo With CM Punk

Punk says he’s never been in a more talented locker room than AEW’s. He says before his debut he wondered if he could still do this, and now he can say “Hell yeah, I can still do this.” He says he’s a fan of Hangman, and that everything up til now has just been warming up. He then promises he will give 100% no matter what for the fans, and that he’s betting on himself in his title match against Hangman and go until the wheels fall off.

Backstage promo with Scorpio Sky and Dan Lambert

Dan starts off saying it’s no accident Scorpio Sky is in a title match against Sammy Guevara tonight, that he’s earned it all. Scorpio agrees and lists off his considerable accomplishments, then laments being screwed out of the title. He gives Guevara credit saying he’s given the fans some amazing ladder matches, but that the crowd tonight is there to see him beat Sammy and take back what’s rightfully his. He says there can only be one face of TNT and it’s himself.

Blackpool Combat Club defeats The Factory

Wheeler Yuta gets the pinfall on Nick Comoroto.

Backstage interview with Britt Baker, Toni Storm and Jayme Hayter

Toni says she’d like to introduce her to her friend who has also qualified for the Owen Hart Tournament, and Ruby Soho appears. Soho says Baker and Hayter have a habit of going after the new people and slinging their “power” around. She says she thinks it’s because they’re insecure, and that enough is enough and it’s time for a change, and the way she’s going to make change is by beating them down right there. Baker says they have some business to take care of on catering which is Soho’s supposed home.

Backstage interview with Jurassic Express and Christian Cage

Jungle Boy says he knows he could have won last week’s match, but that he got carried away instead of finishing the match. Christian cuts in and says he doesn’t sound like a sore loser, just a loser. He says he’s not a loser and that he needs to hold his title over his shoulder proudly. He says last week was a teachable moment and it won’t happen again, and sets an open challenge to any top team on the roster. Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs appear. Ricky says they’re the third ranked team and will take on Jurassic Express anytime anywhere. Luchasaurus growls as they leave.

Wardlow defeats Lance Archer

Wardlow is again led to the ring by security in handcuffs as MJF and Shawn Spears sit high up out of danger. Wardlow wins by pinfall and MJF and Spears look on in incredulous anger.

Jericho Appreciation Society sit down with Eddie Kingston and Santana & Ortiz

“Cool Hand” Angelo Parker silences the crowd and says Tony Khan gave them this time because he knows sports entertainers are what’s best for business. He said they had to give their word that there would be absolutely no physicality in the ring during the segment, and that the others had to agree too. He then tells Kingston, Santana and Ortiz to come out. They do and then throw their chairs out of the ring before Eddie calls for the music to be cut. Jericho says the earth is extremely old and yet everybody is super lucky to be alive during his era. He says Eddie and the others deprived to the fans by getting him kicked out of the arena last week. He then demands an apology. Ortiz says he has something better than an apology and then gives him the finger, then invites Santana to present a finger as well. Santana says Jericho betrayed the two guys who knew him the best. Garcia interrupts, saying the other guys think they’re so tough. He says their threats don’t mean anything since they can’t hit them, then gets in their faces trying to make them flinch which they don’t. Eddie takes over, saying he hates the scenario and throws the table out of the ring. He says he hates the sports entertainment stuff and tells Chris to knock the crap off and just fight. Jericho says it’s five on three and they are going to take them out one by one. Eddie knocks Jericho’s mic out of his hand, and Jericho gets a new one and tells Ediie to do what he’s told. He provokes Eddie, but Eddie tells him.he can smell his fear, and they are going to put JAS in the ground. Jericho looks terrified as the others leave.

Video package hyping Sammy Guevara and Scorpio Sky in Philly Streetfight

Serena Deeb defeats Hikaru Shida by submission in Philly Streetfight

Backstage promo with MJF and Sean Spears

MJF says he has a plan. He makes a call to some undisclosed “big man” and asks how he’d like to make six figures for one match. He then seems satisfied by the answer, and says to Wardlow that he’ll be going up against a smarter, stronger, and taller opponent next week, and that you can’t teach that.

House of Black segment

The arena lights for our and after a moment spotlights shine on a prone, motionless Fuego del Sol on the ramp. Malakai and the rest of the House then arrive and start to try to de-mask Fuego. A cloaked figure is in the ring and Alex Abrahantes’s voice, ostensibly coming from the cloaked figure, says from the dark ring that it’s sacrilegious to remove a luchador’s mask, and the House tosses Fuego aside. Alex says if they continue to mess with Fuego they’re going to get burned. He says he can’t believe the house hasn’t figured out that the reason he’s been dressed like this is so they could wait for the correct moment to blindside the House of Black. Penta Oscuro then comes out, followed by “The Bastard” Pac. Then Alex Abrahantes comes from the back, and the cloaked figure reveals himself to be Rey Fenix, returned from injury, and he has a shovel. Rey then attacks Buddy Matthews as the rest of Death Triangle attack the House. Death Triangle then fly over the top ropes and take down the house, before posing in the ring.

Backstage interview with Darby Allin and Swerve Strickland

Tony lays out that it’s two friends going head to head in the Owen Hart qualifier match. Swerve corrects him, saying they’re more like rivals, and that is looking forward to turning Rampage into Swerve’s house as he beats Darby. Darby tells Swerve he can’t just keep coming into different companies claiming they’re his house, and that AEW is Darby’s house, and he’ll show that to Swerve next week. Swerve wishes him luck.

The Super Elite defeat The Varsity Blonds, Dante Martin, Lee Moriarty, and Brock Anderson

Adam Cole pins Lee Moriarty

Backstage segment with JAS

The JAS have knocked down Santana and Ortiz e and have Eddie Kingston held between them for Jericho to throw a fireball into his face. Security and backstage crew crowd around Eddie in concern.

Video package hyping Samoa Joe and Trent Beretta title match on Rampage

Scorpio Sky defeats Sammy Guevara for the TNT Championship in a ladder match

Dan Lambert tries to get involved but Tay Conti comes in and kicks him in the nether regions. Paige VanZant then comes in and she and Tay go at it while Scorpio and Sammy do the same. Scorpio and Paige seem to take control before Sammy and Tay take control then kiss mid-ring. Sammy sets the barbed-wire ladder up before Scorpio takes back over. Both Sammy and Scorpio climb the ladder with Tay and Paige on their backs and they hockey fight at the top before the women are dislodged. Eventually Scorpio Sky gets the TNT Title at the top of the ladder to become two-time TNT Champion. After the match Frankie Kazarian comes out to make his intentions of becoming TNT Champ clear.

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