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Welcome to Wrestle Purists’ coverage of AEW Dynamite on March 23rd 2022.

CM Punk Defeated Dax Harwood:

Great match. During the match Dax put Punk in a sharpshooter, which clearly leant on the rumours of Bret Hart coming in. Punk Submitted Dax with an Anaconda Vice. After the match, the Gunn Club who were watching from the crowd, laughed at Dax as he left the ring.

Jericho Appreciation Society Promo:

Before the promo starts, we are shown a picture of a young John Silver having a picture taken with Chris Jericho. Jericho mentions this in his promo as he is putting himself over. The JAS cut a promo on John Silver & Alex Reynolds, who will be facing Jericho & Daniel Garcia later. They also say that Santana, Ortiz & Eddie Kingston aren’t coming back.

Sting, Darby Allin & The Hardys Defeated Butcher & The Blade & Private Party:

Jeff Hardy hit a wild swanton bomb that you should definitely seek out. Sting & Matt Hardy pinned Marq Qwen & Isiah Kassidy at the same time.

Backstage with FTR:

FTR cut a babyface-ish promo on The Gunn Club

Bryan Danielson & Jon Moxley Defeated The Varsity Blondes

Julia Hart accompanied The Varisty Blondes to the ring, but just sat on the steps looking depressed and not even watching the match. Moxley submitted Griff Garrison. William Regal was on commentary. Mox got on the mic after the match and put William Regal over saying that his opinion is one he’s always cared about, and also put over Bryan Danielson. He then says if anyone wants to join him, Regal & Danielson, then the only way to earn it is the hard way.

MJF In-Ring Promo:

MJF was accompanied to the ring by Shawn Spears, the ring was also guarded by like 8 security guys. MJF cuts a promo on Wardlow losing his TNT Championship match last week. He then says he had CM Punk beat and accused him of cheating and says there will be another match one day. He says it wont be over until he attends Punks funeral and pisses on his grave. He goes back to talking about Warldow and calls him a greedy little pig and says that he made Wardlow. MJF then says he wont be releasing Wardlow from his contract and he’s going to make his life a living hell.

Wardlow comes out and attacks the security, but they eventually outnumber him and hold him still. MJF then cuts a promo on Wardlow and says he’s going to make him sit at home until people forget about him and he’s a nobody.

MJF then says he has heard rumours about the Pinnacle splitting up but they’re not true and that the Pinnacle are about to move up around here.

Backstage With The Best Friends:

Trent says he is done with Wheeler Yuta for trying to leave The Best Friends for “Regal’s tough guy club”. Yuta replies by saying he’s never liked Trent either and that he’s not trying to be The Best Friend he can be, he’s trying to be the best Wrestler that he can be.

Adam Cole Defeated Jay Lethal:

reDragon came out halfway through the match and distracted Lethal throughout. reDragon distracted the referee so Cole could hit a low blow on Lethal, leading to the finish.

After the match, Adam Cole grabbed a mic and said there is nobody that deserves the AEW championship more than him and he see’s fear in Adam Page. He calls Page a coward that wont come to the ring to face Cole, Fish & O’Reilly. Page then comes out and whips everyone with a belt before Cole, Fish & O’Reilly outnumber him. Jungle Boy & Luchasaurus make the save but Cole steals Page’s belt.

Video Package Promoting Upcoming Dustin Rhodes vs Lance Archer Match On Rampage:

Sammy Guevara & Tay Conti In-Ring Promo:

Sammy Guevara says that losing the title “is what it is” and as long as he’s got the ring he will always give fans a show. He says that if his style is going to catch up to him when he’s older, its worth it. He then gives the mic to Tay Conti and she says that they want payback and cuts a promo on Paige VanZant. Sammy then calls out American Top Team/Men Of The Year.

Dan Lambert and the Men Of The Year come out & Dan Lambert cuts a promo putting over their group & on Guevara & Conti saying they wont be getting the match they ask for, and kisses a TNT Championship belt. Guevara then says that he knows that him and Conti live rent free in Lambert’s head, and if Lambert only knew what him and Conti done whilst wearing the belt, then he’d know they live in his mouth too.

Swerve Strickland/Ricky Starks Promo:

Swerve cuts a promo on Ricky Starks and calls him out for a match this Friday on Rampage for the FTW title. Ricky Starks cuts a promo on Swerve and accepts his challenge

Leyla Hirsch Defeated Red Velvet

Kris Statlander was banned from ringside. Hirsch attacked Velvet before the match and the two women brawled on the outside before eventually making it in the ring to start the match. Hirsch concealed one turnbuckle in her trunks, and carried one in her hand. The referee took the one out of her hand, and Hirsch hit Velvet with the other behind the referee’s back, leading to the finish. Hirsch attacked Velvet after the match but Kris Statlander made the save

Backstage With Jade Cargill & Mark Sterling:

Sterling & Cargill talk about the party they’re planning for when Cargill reaches 30-0 after winning her next match

Thunder Rosa Title Celebration:

Tony Schiavone introduces the new AEW Women’s Champion, Thunder Rosa, but Vickie Guerrero interrupted before Thunder Rosa could say anything. Vickie Guerrero & Thunder Rosa then have a verbal back and forth and Nyla Rose attacks Rosa from behind.

Chris Jericho & Daniel Garcia Defeated John Silver & Alex Reynolds:

Jericho hit Reynolds with ‘Floyd’ leading to the finish. Garcia submitted Reynolds.

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