AEW Reportedly Held Another Talent Meeting Ahead Of Tonight’s Dynamite Grand Slam

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The past few weeks have been a rather tumultuous time for the AEW locker room, with reports emerging of backstage heat between top stars, some of which leading to physical altercations taking place, as well as WWE reportedly tampering with contracts leading to talent meetings being called. These talent meetings have been utilised by the company as a way to rally the roster together, as well being a time where those such as Tony Khan and Tony Schiavone can lay down the law regarding the contract tampering issue.

It appears as though AEW aren’t finished holding talent meetings just yet, as Fightful Select are reporting that the company held yet another meeting ahead of tonight’s Dynamite Grand Slam show. Fightful were unable to report any specific details from the meeting itself in regards to who spoke and what was said, although they did note that the reception to the talent meetings since the All Out PPV has seemingly been a positive one amongst the locker room.

“Those we heard from in attendance said that it was very positive and effectively served as a pep talk for the roster ahead of a major show. The talent meetings held since All Out have seemed to resonate well with roster and staff that we’ve spoken to.”


The report then states that one long-time AEW talent told Fightful that the last three weeks have been much more laid back than how things were in the weeks that led up to AEW All Out. Another veterans also reportedly claimed that the locker room has been the best over the last three tapings than it’s been in some time.

Fightful noted at the end of their report that one AEW source they had spoken to used the term “addition by subtraction”, although they refused to elaborate on who that term is referring to. As always, we’ll aim to provide any further information on this most recent talent meeting as soon as we hear more.

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