AEW Reportedly Not Emphasising Rankings As Much Going Forwards

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It looks like we could be seeing some changes as to how AEW sees their Rankings going forward. With less emphasis reportedly being put on them going forwarss.

Recently, AEW has toned down the rankings, with them not being mentioned nearly as much in recent weeks or shown on TV. Dave Meltzer was tasked on Wrestling Observer Radio with answering if they were still important in Tony Khan’s wrestling empire.

“They’re not dead but they have been toned down, but they’re not dead. There was a decision not to emphasise them as much on television, but they can always go back to doing so.”

Dave Meltzer

The rankings allowed AEW to have a boosted sporting feel that set the promotion apart from their various competitors in the early days of the promotion. However, nearly three years in All Elite Wrestling has taken on many more indiviua while the rankings may not hold as much water as they used to they are still very much a real thing behind the booking in AEW.

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