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This week’s Weekly Joshi Guide is a focus on Stardom’s newest faction, God’s Eye, as they continue to make waves throughout the company with the World of Stardom Champion Syuri as their leader. It’s difficult to start anywhere other than the return of Konami, who revealed on Sunday’s Cinderella Tournament show she would be returning to the ring to join God’s Eye for Stardom’s Golden Week events at the beginning of May. While it will only be a five-match return for “The Fighting Princess,” it’s a return many fans welcome no matter how long it may be.

Konami made clear, despite previously being in Oedo Tai prior to going on hiatus, that the only way she wants to return is to be with Syuri and God’s Eye. It creates an exciting couple of matches for Konami, who will be helping God’s Eye in their elimination match against Donna del Mondo and also fighting against her former faction in the final match of her returning stretch. It’ll be interesting to see how Konami performs in her return and what could come from it afterward as well.

The other reason that it’s all eyes on God’s Eye is due to the Cinderella Tournament as we now know who will go onto the Cinderella Tournament Finals on April 29. It was known last week Hazuki would be competing as part of the semi-finals but her opponent is her FWC tag team partner, Koguma. Koguma defeated Giulia and Saya Iida in her two matches on the night to advance to the semi-finals. The impressive run for Koguma shouldn’t come as too much of a shock, as her only other Cinderella Tournament appearance in 2015 saw her fall in the finals to Mayu Iwatani.

On the other side of the bracket, a lot of it likely comes as a shock with Natsupoi locking up her spot in the semi-finals when she defeated Unagi Sayaka via Shutdown Suplex to advance. They played up the match they had late last year as Sayaka brought multiple elastic bands to the matches, one of which she used to nearly eliminate Natsupoi from the tournament before “The High-Speed Fairy” managed to survive and ultimately defeat her.

The stunner (or maybe not so stunner) of the show came when Saki Kashima defeated Mayu Iwatani in 17 seconds to score the biggest upset of the entire tournament. Iwatani managed to kick out of one Revival pin attempt by Kashima but wasn’t able to escape a second, suffering the loss and being eliminated. A victory for Kashima presented her a chance to make it to the semi-finals, but this is where God’s Eye comes back into the picture. MIRAI has been nothing short of amazing since making her Stardom debut with her only losses coming to Syuri and Utami Hayashishita.

With the roaring Korakuen Hall crowd behind her, MIRAI managed to defeat Kashima and earn herself a spot in the semi-finals with a Kimura Lock. She’d close the show with her God’s Eye stablemates Syuri and Ami Sourei beside her, reminding the world she will put her soul into it and to “lock on.” To see what MIRAI has done in her first three and a half months in Stardom is incredibly impressive. During her time in TJPW, MIRAI was a potential name to contend for the Princess of Princess Championship in maybe the next couple of years. Well, not only has she stepped into Stardom and shown she can contend for the World of Stardom Championship but she can also contend with being one of the biggest stars in the company and perhaps even all of Joshi.

Everything is going right for God’s Eye right now and it will be fun to witness the next steps for the group and Stardom overall.

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