Becky Lynch Recalls Time She Asked Vince McMahon About Him Taking Time Off

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Former WWE Chairman & CEO Vince McMahon’s tireless work ethic has been well documented throughout his tenure with the company, and as a result it should come as no surprise that the Genetic Jackhammer doesn’t exactly believe in vacations.

During a recent interview with Adam’s Apple, former Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was asked to share her favourite story of her time working with McMahon, promoting “Big Time Becks’ to recall a conversation she once had with her former boss over taking time off.

“I sat down with him once and asked him, ‘Hey Vince, you ever take any time off?’ He’s like ‘Yeah, one time I took a holiday and I was lying on the beach. I couldn’t relax, I couldn’t relax. And then I came back [to work] and I said ‘you know what we’re gonna do? We’re gonna do a big event, it’s going to be like a SuperBowl, and we’re gonna call it WrestleMania.’ I was like, ‘Well Vince, I think you should take more holidays.’”

-Becky Lynch

Earlier in the interview, Lynch was asked to select her favourite match of her career thus far, highlighting her Wrestlemania 38 bout with Bianca Belair, before promoting her upcoming rematch at this weekend’s SummerSlam.

“There are so many different ones, for so many different reasons. But currently, I’m really proud of my match at WrestleMania 38 [against Bianca Belair]. We stole the show, told a hell of a story, got the people talking about it, and now we’re back to run it back at SummerSlam. So, tune in!”

-Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is set to challenge for Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship this Saturday at SummerSlam, a year since Lynch made her shocking return at the Biggest Party of the Summer by defeating Belair for the title in just 6 seconds.

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