Becky Lynch’s WWE Contract Reportedly Up Next Year

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Becky Lynch was last seen on the April 10 edition of Raw, where she lost the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships alongside Trish Stratus following original partner Lita being taken out backstage. The Canadian Hall of Famer turned on Lynch following their loss, and many are wondering where the story between the two will go next.

However, it doesn’t appear as if we will be getting any updates on tonight’s episode of Raw as earlier today Lynch tweeted that she won’t be at the show while also blacking our parts of her media and reverting to her real name online. These changes to her Twitter account certainly got fans talking and, as reported by Fightful Select, it seems as if the former Raw Women’s Champion only has a year left on her current WWE contract, with Fightful suggesting that the sides haven’t entered re-negotiations as of yet.

“We’re told that Lynch signed a brand new deal upon returning to the company in 2021, and her time off for maternity leave is not a factor. Lynch signed a three-year deal that currently expires in June 2024.”

-Fightful Select

The report states that, while it’s true that she will be absent from Raw tonight, WWE aren’t aware of any current issues between Lynch and the company, with it noted that the star is currently dealing with a foot injury that had been aggravated in recent weeks.

Interestingly, Fightful also suggested that, should the Irishwoman want to take some time away from WWE, the world of Hollywood could be an option. In fact, the idea was floated around that Lynch would appear at the end of a Marvel movie at one point in time with her high-reputation agency a huge factor in securing any future roles.

As always, we’ll aim to provide any updates on Becky Lynch and her WWE status as we hear more.

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